voice over

  1. seojen

    What you guys think of Speechelo for voice over?

    I've done my Google search for a decent voice over and I found speechelo . They have some video samples on their sales page that sound very good - what do you guys think of this service? I would love to hear from someone who has used it to create Youtube videos.
  2. goku786

    can these types of videos on youtube be monetized?

    Hey guys. this type of channel without voice-over be monetized? https://www.youtube.com/c/PhonyTextsShow no voice-over just texting on phone messenger? Thank you!
  3. PRExpert0826

    Hello Guys!

    My clients call me Smart Guy. I'm here to collaborate and help others grow as I elevate. I'm interested in checking out everyone's services and building trusting relationships. I also have great services to offer as well. Feel free to send me a message to connect. Thanks
  4. Tareq17

    Looking for native english voice over for long term projects (both male and female)

    Hello, I am looking for a voiceover artist for my new youtube channel. The artist should be a native English speaker preferably from USA,UK, Canada and Australia. this is a new youtube channel. so there is a budget contain that why difficult to find voice-over artist from the market place. if...
  5. yagami-iori

    Voice over in compilations

    Hi, I'm about to create my fisrt video compilation with a long introduction plus a voice over on each footage but I'm a bit lost. What comes first the recording of the voice or the video editing? If I start with editing I'm afraid that my script won't fit and have to do it all over and if I...
  6. M

    Can someone tell me what's this voice over is this?

    It's in this video It's the best I've ever heard and really want to know what voice over is that! Any one can help? Please.
  7. wordpresscre

    GIVEAWAY female voice over

    hello every one i will do 3 voice over for the first 3 who comments the script should contain 100 words so hurry and get the opportunity
  8. Alex51

    Need video content creator

    Hi, I looking for the video content creator from website articles (intro, slideshow + voice over, outro) : - 30-50 video daily - submit them to to a few video sites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion - payment monthly via paypal - for the long time partnership only You need to create the...
  9. johnny4k

    you tube voice over bot

    Hi i am into You tube, i am using my own voice for the videos, but i just came across some videos n which their is a female voice using bots , can any one suggest me where can i get those bot of female voice over for free. I tried some apps in playstore but they are having some time limit.
  10. E

    Need french voice over for my videos

    Hey guys is any of you from france? I'm looking for native french I need voice overs for my videos please let me know I will pay for it thanks :)
  11. C

    Quality AT&T Natural Voices and Text to Speech (TTS) To Buy

    Please BHW family, i wish to get recommendation for a AT&T Natural Voices and Text to Speech (TTS) Software for my video channel English is not my first language, so i need this kind of stuff for my videos but quality one that sounds almost like human, male or female is ok thanks a lot for...
  12. C


    Please family, i wish to start making a video for my youtube channel, please any recommendation of a software i can use to make good quality video to be shared on social media the niche i want to targted is INFORMATION AND NEWS, but this will be done in brief. The format of the video will be...
  13. R

    POUR LES FRANCOPHONES : Je paie $50 pour 1 minute de voice over !!!

  14. F

    Anybody do audio recordings? Blog posts to MP3

    Hi. I am looking for someone with a natural speaking voice to turn blog posts into audio. You don't have to be a professional voice over artist. Narration is to be in English and presently I have no preference for male or female voices. Either would work. Ethnicity and accent do not...
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