vmware workstation

  1. ATuringtest

    Safe desktop botting - VMware tutorial from top botters

    I use this method on a daily basis to hide my bots and can run 30 at a time without detection, make sure you follow the instructions, you can substitute Proxifie with a VPN desktop app with auto connect. I even have software to start and stop the vmware sessions on a timer.. I have an old...
  2. sysco32

    Virtualbox / VMware on VPS help needed

    Hi, I ran into an issue. I want to run multiple instance of Virtualbox or VMware on a windows VPS. However i am unable to select more CPU for the servers in Virtualbox,it is greyed out. As for VMware it has a problem with Hyper-V installed. Your job would be to solve it that one of them is...
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