virgin proxies

  1. Kabone

    Need Help Finding Proxies

    Hello I am trying to find somewhere trust worthy to get proxies that provide the following: Virgin Dedicated IPs Multiple Cities Multiple Subnets Monthly Randomize Non Sequential IPs 100 Threads / Proxy 1 Gbps Speeds Non Blacklisted US/Canada Based I have tried several different services on...
  2. P

    Virgin IP address not really Virgin?

    Someone was trying to explain that the logistics behind getting IP addresses make it so that truly virgin IP addresses are really rare. It may be virgin in the sense that that particular seller has just acquired it and not given it to a customer yet; however, the seller may have acquired it /...
  3. GridPanel

    29 (more-than-likely) virgin (but exclusive) proxy IPs

    Hi All, I've managed to successfully use a popular web hosting provider as a full HTTP proxy. The setup is extremely complex, but I chose this provider simply because they are so well known, if I can get around their firewalls then other providers should work just as well. I have also written...
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