viral inviter

  1. mystery

    [Ask] Viral Inviter vs Super Tell A Friend - Confusing

    Ok, I can't determine which one is supposedly better than the other: ViralInviter[dot]com or Super-Tell-A-Friend[dot]com I keep reading the second is cheaper and has more options. Is this true? Viral Inviter looks more pro and doesn't take up a whole lot of space on the whole page, like...
  2. D

    Viral tweets and Viral Inviter: Worth it?

    Hey guys, I was thinking of downloading one or more of the programs I listed in the title: Viral tweets or Viral Inviter. Just a couple questions: a) Has anybody had any success with these scripts? b) Is it possible for me to use these softwares on free hosting (like 000webhost), or should I...
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