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  1. Benji1

    Does anyone know a Tool which finds viral pieces of Content?

    Can anyone recommend a tool to find recent videos that have gone viral on social media like Tiktok, instagram & facebook? As an example, the tool shows all viral videos from last 7 days on the topic of cats on Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram. Looking forward to your Reply! Greetings
  2. SocialManager

    What is the most valuable unsolved mystery in internet marketing?

    Which company's algorithm would you pay millions to understand fully? Which website dominating the SERPs do you dream of being able to copy? What viral campaign still blows your mind to this day?
  3. Charly The Rabbit

    [Journey] - Becoming a profitable Indie Maker

    Hello I’m Charly The Rabbit and this is my journey, welcome :) Indie Maker: Person building a software idea that can generate revenue Profitable: Income greater than expenses The Project Viral Quotes ( will allows business owners to viralize their brands without spending on...
  4. Starblazer

    Meme Marketing is the next generation of Internet Marketing

    Everything in marketing is a variable except one fundamental thing. Anything that draws the attention of a user for a moment is a marketing opportunity. If you understand it, you can understand 90% of the trends in marketing. Let it be the hot girls in a car advertisement, adventures for a...
  5. Charly The Rabbit

    [Viral-Quotes] Invest Once, Promote Your Business FOREVER

    HOW TO PLACE AND ORDER ? Write us an email to [email protected] or visit Attach: Your logo or brand name Write the package you want to purchase. Ex: "Premium" Specify "Square" or "Rectangle" (only for Starter and Master packages)
  6. O

    How to Earn With Viral/buzz websites - Ads and Monetization

    Hello Guys, Can anyone help me to about buzz website like this: It was the time when I lost ranking for my all CPA project and then one of my mate at CPAGrip told me to try out these buzz websites, kinda like this...
  7. X-R0

    Viral Memes: Most shared, Most edited

    Hey Folks, do you know a tool which tracks the most shared and most edited memes on the net? Basically a tool like buzzfeed or socialanimal for memes without to much details.
  8. Danki

    what's the best niche for Viral articles and Quizzes ?

    hey guys, I'm going to start a new business, which is a website for Quizzes and Viral articles, and I still confused for choosing the best niche for that. so for you, what are/is the best niche for Viral articles and for Quizzes ? what people love to share ? what types of articles go viral ...
  9. hackgrowth

    Viral Giveaways or Web Tools

    Does anyone have any recommendations to build a website with giveaways or tools? Something where people sign up to get some information about themselves. For example, Neil Patel's website does some analytics FOC for you, in exchange for your name and email. Then there was one where they could...
  10. S

    where found viral content creators freelancers

    Hi, where could i found viral content creators for instagram i need a freelancer to create original and viral content related with my niches (soccer and car drivers), that will create pictures and sweepstakes i tried upwork but doens't found people with real confidence
  11. S

    Do you know what makes content go viral

    What push your viewer’s emotional buttons and make their brains light up? Getting people hitting the share button more often.What makes content truly “share-worthy...”
  12. I

    [METHOD] How to Find REAL Viral Content & Make Money From It

    In my opinion when you have true viral content it gets reposted by plenty of people including celebrities, news outlets, and older people who can barely work their social media but they know they have to show somebody this video because its just that fxcking great. So today I'm going to show...
  13. K


    im trying to get my youtube chanel to grow.... I just put out a new music video that is a+++ well above average. But I'm needing a plan on how to get 1,000,000 views in less then 8 months. What is a black hat way to get more views and bring in more organic traffic. How can you get your video on...
  14. luckyjacky

    [Help]Why these accounts has so many views than their followers?

    Hello BHW friends, I've seen many accounts(personal/3~5k followers) sometimes has a post(video) has much more views than their followers. For example, these accounts has followers like 3~5k , but suddenly a video has 30~50K views. As they're personal accounts , seems they didn't do any promotion...
  15. Wleaderz

    Viral Instagram content - DISCUSSION

    Hey guys, I was wondering where you get your good quality Instagram pictures from. Obviousely, this is essential to go viral with a post. Don't hesitate to react as everyone can learn from it!
  16. salahoov

    Viral arbitage.

    Hi folks, I would like to begin a viral website, then i've searched about this topics very well in variety websites, so i've picked up some methods like how to growing my page fb and how to know actualty famous things, but i wish also know your experience in this domain and if you have some...
  17. E

    Propeller ads: Do they pay well?

    Has anybody tried propeller ads? They seem to have high CPM rates or at least that's what I've heard. I'm thinking of making a viral site which will mostly have copied content hence Adsense is out. My traffic source will be mostly social media.
  18. P

    Viral content discovery executive.

    Hey, I'm looking for Viral Content Discovery Executive! Someone who can find and create viral content using viral images, tittle and topic. Someone who is crazy about surfing the internet and spends much time on Facebook. So content will get good engagement and clicks on social media...
  19. Coepi

    (Methods) How to discover the best viral content?

    Hey guys I've been growing some instagram accounts for a year now (~70k) and was thinking about expanding (create about 25 more) to try to reach 1-2M followers within the next year. The problem is: how to discover the best content to repost? I just built some custom feeds (similar insta...
  20. Cory Spanko

    Viral Instagram Method Wanted

    If there's anyplace online that I could find out how to get my posts to go viral like so many of you are doing, I figure BHW is the place. Can anyone direct me to where I can learn the process without having to spend $400-$1500 like many people are trying to charge? Free would be best of...