1. 8

    VIP72 Alternatives?

    VIP72 was my go to back in 2019 but seems to have been recently shut down... looking for something similar. Not doing anything blackhat per se but just liked the easy configurability of being able to filter by region/state/ISP when selecting which connection I wanted - tried a few residential...
  2. fsoron current link ?

    anyone know vip72 new link
  3. A


    please tell me anyone.
  4. Yupwork

    VIP72 IS DOWN for everyone or just me

    their website is inaccessible when I try to login & the VPN didn't work
  5. M

    Google Maps detects my location even behind anonymous proxy server, how?

    "Hello Friends I`m Using VIP72 Proxy, When I Check my IP On Check2ip It shows That I`m In Proxy Zone And When I check It Also On "Whoer" It said That I`m On Proxy Zone And All Fine .. But When I Check My Location On Google Maps ..Hell NO They Detects My Place .. What Could Be Wrong Here ? I Use...
  6. S

    proxies for facebook accounts

    Hi please any idea about where i can get residential proxies(ips) or vpn to create facebook accounts ? i'm thinking to use vip72 , but i'm wondering if there is a better one
  7. The Hokage


    Hey guys, I hope y'all doing fine.. I heard about 24vc, and heard also about vip72, I finally choose to work with vip72, but when I came to buy, I get stuck, since they only accept LiteCoin and BitCoin. Any good process to buy them ? how to convert the money to bitcoin or litcoin, or how did...
  8. S

    I need working VIP72

    Hi guys, I got a vip72 vpn off a friend and after a few weeks it expired. I wanna know how good it is as a vpn and how i can get another one without having to go through the site and pay again. Thanks
  9. Manf Haider

    Looking for alternative

    Hi BHW Friends, I want to know if there's any better but exact alternative of vip72 socks? In terms of quality, price and ease of use.
  10. G

    black hat seo

    Hello Everyone i have specific Ips so any tell me where i open it ..any sofware open it and use it..
  11. HumbleFox

    How do i keep my VIP72 proxy

    For those of you that use the VIP72 service, is there any way i can keep an IP address for longer than two seconds?? I need to have a reliable way to login to sites with the same IP so getting a new IP address every other click is not working. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help.
  12. Dexter6996

    vip72 Sucks

    I am a regular user & Buyer of vip72 . I have a team who posts in Craigslist & that's why I need to use vip72 . it is good so far . But the problem is with their customer care . it's hard to find them online . They have a Affiliate system but you can't cash out your earning without contacting...
  13. rockshuvo

    !! Need Help !! About VIP 72 proxy Issue !

    I was using vip72 proxy service. but this is only work on IE and Firefox. i want to know is it possible to connect vip72 with safari browser ?
  14. F

    Proxy/VPN Service w/ 1000s of different cities

    Hello, I?m currently working on a little project where I need to be able to choose from dozens of different IPs within a single state in the US exclusively (and when I say ?different?, I mean different cities, not just different IPs mapped to the same city). It would also be nice if websites...
  15. B


    So I paid for service. It's shit, everything in that site. I just got scammed. I read good reviews about it so I thought to give it a try. the proxies don't work. only 1 in 10 or so works. the site interface is horrible, costumer support is just terrible, they (he) responds after a...
  16. M

    Where I can find a good proxy provider for Craigslist?

    Does anyone know a good proxy/socks provider for posting on cl. I have used vip72 and socks but they are not so good. thanks
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