1. jeanfrank

    Tell me the benefits of joining VIP here

    Hi guys, I saw many members here have joined VIP program, they have blue VIP words on their profiles. Would you mind telling me the benefits of upgrading the account? Thanks in advance
  2. I

    need VIP treatment at an SMM Panel that doesnt call me a cheater like JAP does and that actually allows the panel to work instead of sabotaging orders

    In the screenshot you can see jap admitting to me in there own way that the reason why all my yt subs and ig followers drop and why they cancel all my orders for reels plays and why they short me on spotify plays and why they sent me hundreds of thousands of extra plays to my songs on numerous...
  3. Josh Saga

    2021 and I got Blued

    Hello All, It feels so great, this is probably the only time I felt euphoric after swiping that credit card for a $97 membership. The power is seeping through. The dark side is calling me Just having a blue name and the Jr. VIP tag is already worth it. I hope this also makes me cum blue Plus...
  4. Josh Saga

    Is the Jr. VIP Worth It?

    Hello All, Here to ask what are the benefits of being a Jr. VIP besides the cool blue name? Would love to know. Thanks, Josh Saga
  5. T

    I Haven't seen any new method revealing here in BHW

    hello, I hope everyone is safe and doing well during this pandemic. I'm a long time lurker of this forum and recently joined I am noticing that people are not revealing or sharing good info like before everyone wants to keep their methods for themselves. the reason could be they don't want...
  6. Alantoni

    I Buy a Vip Plan On Blackhatworld But i see Just i'm Premium Any Explanation Please !

    Hi i just buy a Vip Plan To join The Vip Section to make relationships with great people and give more value to it, and give some secret theards in this section , but unfortunately i see that i'm just premium, nothing change, any explanation please i will be happy ? Thank you
  7. Chiku Arsen


    It is really tough for us newbies to figure it out as if what platform we should be putting our efforts in to do the best we can. We waste most of our time figuring out where to actually make that effort to earn some dollars. BHW has been an awesome give and take for many, plenty of minds and...
  8. M

    I'm a Newbie.. want to Instagram method

    hey Everyone!! i think you are doing great. Actually im a very new worker in online earning . i very interested to earn somethings from online. i spend few weeks in BLACKHATWORLD to research and get idea about online earning. now i deiced i will work on CPA marketing in Instagram. Im request...
  9. ljubomir007

    How upgrade account and post my thread on marketplace

    I know this not section for this, but I want selling something here. Who can help me?
  10. T

    VIP OFFERS review. CPA network.

    hi guys has any of you worked with VIP offers? If so please give your feedback, please be honest and do not give a review if you have never worked with them! Things to review would be their payout, support and their offers. I have read great things about them just don't want to waste my time...
  11. eventually-seo

    Upgrading your account to VIP a great help to the self-employed and entrepreneurs?

    Is black hat a great help to VIP's?
  12. JB2302

    what is batter then VIP membership on my birthday??

    it is my birthday (almost) and i had plans from a long time that i will buy Jr VIP , I just could not resist and finally baught it !!!
  13. H

    I am not a newbie!!!

    Really, I am not a newbie. I used to be a member but now, it's down. Anyways, fuck it. I don't want to learn any methods anymore, I just want to have fun, nothing else.
  14. AboutBizz

    I WAS a Jr Vip...but that changed. What happened?

    I have been dealing with about 10 surgeries over the last 3 yrs and have not been able to be active in BHW. I missed reading BHW and am looking to get active again. Last time I saw I was a Jr VIP. I see now I am shown as a REGULAR member. What happened? Will I be required to pay the $97 to...
  15. 2colt5

    Ready For Jr. VIP status

    All the VIP's are in their special zones, talking about cool shit, and how to make REAL money, and i'm stuck out here answering ''how to make money fast I lost my job'' threads all day. Lol, jk I am enjoying the forum but how much does Jr. Vip cost? definitely ready to be eligible
  16. W9go

    JUN VIP membership

    my membership expires in 3 days. when can i repay for the next year ? i don't like that all my data like signature and postbox is getting lost. thanks
  17. J

    How to become a member

    Im new to this forum BHW.. When i become a member????
  18. C

    Help with Banggood / API

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and reasonably new to dropshipping... I've been running a site dropshipping items from banggood but have gotten to the point where items that are in my store are being discontinued and going out of stock fairly regularly... And going through ~200-300 items and checking...
  19. Noah Hawryshko

    Non-Toxic Ways to Bring up My Post Count?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and want to work my way up to 100 posts to be eligible for Jr. VIP. What are some non-toxic, beneficial ways to help out the community and increase my post count at the same time? Some things that I've thought of so far are: 1. Writing guides. 2. Answering questions...
  20. G

    how to become jr vip?

    Hey guys so i couldnt find a thread about this and nothing was coming up on the search bar so I thought I asked. How do I become a JR VIP and what are the benefits? Ive heard that you get access to other methods and what not. Thanks for your time guys!
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