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  1. J

    Need Youtube Views

    I need 20,000 youtube views and it should be completed within 3-4 days. Interested members can add me on skype - mmatt1330. Thanks
  2. C

    Newbie seeking Tricks, Tips, Advice fo ryt views

    Hey guys, Complete Newbie here. Wondering if you guys could give me any advice, tricks or tips to gain more youtube views. I just wanna get some views up for my music that I made some videos for. Used an old bot for a little while but it stopped working. I pay for some views when I can. Any...
  3. B

    buying views to get new vid on frontpage

    Hey guys I'm new here, love this site by the way! I have a great web series that's getting great reviews but needs a good kick start to get the recognition it should have. I have a great cast that have been in many tv shows and films, but we are off to a slow start. my competition dropped their...
  4. BigBadWolff

    Looking for a youtube vendor

    I already know about ytnuke, view tornado and a couple other cheap vendors. But I am looking for someone who can do better than these websties and offer the view a lil cheaper and min per video at 1000 views. All the other vendors only distribute the views at 2500 per video min. I need...
  5. A

    Need blocks of 100,000 REAL views for videos (not Youtube)

    I need someone with high traffic websites or a good source of traffic to get some major views on some videos. These videos are not hosted on Youtube. We want REAL traffic not Bots. If possible we would like some comments and ratings on the video platform of where the videos sit aswell although...
  6. V

    Method for youtube views. REAL TRAFFIC

    Ok guys, before I show you the technique, I must tell you first if you don't have patience and get fustrated very easily or bored of doing this. THEN I DON'T RECOMMEND YOU KEEP READING, but if you want real free traffic to your video. Then I recommend this. 1ST. Open a new tab to THIS SITE...
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