1. Alexis Long

    Simple Chaturbate bot needed

    My budget for a simple Chaturbate bot is 500, I am looking for a reliable freelancer who is able to make a bot of maximum 1500-2000 views. Simple meaning, my model name from Chaturbate in a box, & another box where I put how many views in it. I will pay half first then the rest once I receive...
  2. Alexis Long

    Hi I need a chaturbate view bot

    Hello guys, I’m a top model on chaturbate and lately my views and numbers has decreased :( I am in need of a traffic view bot that is consistent of 1000-2000 views or more that stays that way during my streams. I don’t have a big budget, but I am willing to pay what I can & whatever you...
  3. I

    Looking for good chaturbate viewerbot

    Hey folks, I'm trying to find a good viewerbot to try out boosting the viewercount of my a friend I have on chaturbate. ( I wish I could pm, but sadly you need 15 posts for that, I tried downloading TeKnife Traffic Bot from Thetrustedzone on here, but the free trial doesn't seem work, the...