viewer script

  1. I

    Youtube live Stream Viewers: Need bot to generate fake viewer upto 1k

    Hi guys, During our recent experiment, we have seen that my friend's channel with same subs and game gets more viewers as he had consistent 100+ fake viewer (bot) on his livestreams whereas i was unable to go past 20 viewers(max). So i was wondering if anyone would recommend the method used by...
  2. bankole1

    Site viewer bot inside a website

    As the title says, I need help creating a web based site viewer bot. If you think this is something you can do, please contact me and we can talk further on all the things I need.
  3. P

    Stargate Fans and view increasers. I need your help please.

    I really need some serious views on this short video. Can anyone help out with any advice or services? h**p:// <embed width='609' height='342'...
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