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    Contact us: Vegas Web Offer Will End Soon
  2. ahmar2

    My Youtube Channel (140k Subscribers) + Your videos

    Hi So 7 years ago I created a talent channel (Was big Britians got talent fan back then) and uploaded a random video and forgot about it. Stumbled upon that video this year and almost died when I saw it has millions and millions of views. So here is the deal. The channel only has two videos...
  3. Rick Ferraz

    [HELP] Ad Network for Video Sharing/Aggregator Site

    Hi guys, as you may see i have 2 video/music aggregators which are part of a journey, i was using Adsense, but i'm not feeling comfortable to bring traffic as google doesnt like thin content, has anyone ever tried a video aggregator website? Can you recommend another Ad Network? Thanks!!! PS...
  4. ahmedEL

    How to test landing pages in fb ads ?

    Hi Can you please share with us your strategy to test articles/landing pages or products in facebook ads do you test 30 40 articles to find one or two winners ? how much interest do you test per adset one or two or multiples ? and how much ads ? Thank you