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  1. ATuringtest

    How many youtube video's is it safe to upload a day ?

    Just wondering how many videos you should or shouldn't upload a day. Thier only 1 to 2 minute vids of celebrity pictures. Its not a new account but i only had 3 videos on for like 2 years lol
  2. robmiller99

    I Will Create Top Quality Videos For You!

    Hey Guys here is what im offering for you. Before I start let me show you the 3 samples I have just made. My service will create top quality videos...
  3. B

    How to make $40 a day ebook?

    There is an ebook out there claiming that you can make $40 a day easily. The website is: hxxp//w3.40*bucks* the ebook has excellent reviews and I think people are making some good money using the method in the book. Does any one bought it and wants to make a review or maybe share...
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