video views

  1. Adilpro

    Want to buy facebook video views

    Hi, I need Facebook video views, I tried too many bhw SMM services but it dosen't work.. I made orders (that didn't started, I don't know why!) and got refund after all Can you suggest any other services please?
  2. everyday a design

    Started a Cats facebook page , first 40k views on a video, still not monetized

    Hi all great BHW members this is my first post ! Wow I have learnt a lot of this community and honestly I feel like I’m very lucky to be a member of BHW ❤️ So I ve started a Cats Facebook page and I know it’s saturated but I’m planning to monetize it with facebook ad breaks and clickbank ...
  3. Matt21

    Looking for SMM service with reliable Video Views for instagram

    Title says it all, I am looking for SMM service with reliable Video Views for instagram. Been tryin multiple smm services for views and all seem to not work. I dont know if its an internal error from instagram updating. Please comment on a SMM service website that is currently working for video...
  4. B

    $1,500 to spend on YouTube video

    Hey everyone, so I have a monetized video on my channel with 7.5K views fairly fast. I want to get it past 100K soon and my budget is right around 1.5K for the video promotion. What would you recommend that I do? I spent time in Google ads and set a budget of $150 a day to see.. haven't...
  5. JackMagic

    Stupidly low views on videos...

    For several months now my video views have been stupidly low. My 65k+ account gets max 8-10k views on a video. When it had between 20-40k followers, I was always hitting the explore page and getting 100k+ I'm getting about 5-7% likes on pictures which is fine but when I look at people in the...
  6. Smithuk

    facebook video views bot/script/trick

    need fb video views bot/method. how much is it for? i want to buy. add me on skype: PAKIADVERT
  7. K

    Looking for a working YouTube view booster

    Hi guys. I run a number of successful channels and have recently started some new ones. It seems impossible to rank in the search engine these days as a new channel so I would like to boost the views on my videos to get the channels going. Any one know of any working view boosters? I have...
  8. bankole1

    Monetized YouTube views

    I've finally discover how to boost Monetized YouTube views. My question is, should I start selling this type of views?
  9. bankole1

    YouTube script modification

    I bought this script about a month ago, it worked for a while but now it looks like it has being patched. If any programmer can help me modify it so it works again please PM me. <script type='text/javascript'> function randomString(len) { var chars =...
  10. bankole1

    YouTube HR view script needed.

    I am looking to buy or have someone write a working HR view script for my personal YouTube videos. If you have what I am looking for please PM me. PS: I will need to test the script first before I pay for it. I have being scammed before.
  11. Scritty

    My Youtube Channel Has Just Surged Back For Hundreds Of Keywords

    Woke up this morning, took a look at my old Youtube channel which Google decided to hammer back in the Fall. Bugger me if all the crap that was outranking me isn't gone. All those 30 second videos of a still image with "Product Name - Discount" and a link underneath to an Amazon affiliate page...
  12. V

    Can Some One Give Zapiks Video Views ? direct or by facebook + twitter ?

    hello, Can Some One Give Zapiks Video Views ? direct or by facebook + twitter ? If Yes PM Me Price... thanks
  13. N

    Journey of a YouTube account from PR 0 to PR4

    * Warning ! English is not my native language. Please correct me if my grammar is wrong! * Hi Everyone! I created a YouTube account when I was 11 years old ( 2008 ) and posted a few videos. After that I did not touch my account that much and had stopped using it since 2010. I checked my...
  14. O

    Any video views services available?

    I haven't been in the scene for a while, but damn, it looks like all of the services are GONE! :confused: Any video (not channel) views services available? Please contact me as soon as possible. I'll post in the buy/sell services forum too, just to make sure. Thanks a lot, orl2008.
  15. K

    YouTube Views Resellers needed

    I have setup a valid, safe, and real people network to deliver YouTube and any other video website quick views to promote individual videos. We need resellers that will have a wholesale rate on the views per thousand with individual login, the wholesaler manages the links, videos, number of...
  16. blackma

    Can Anybody Explain This!!?

    Ever watched a YouTube Video in your spare time and took notice of how angry people are to one another in the comments section? This is bizarre. 9 times outta 10 people just harrass eachother and use vulgar language. I mean, all these people share the same interest so why can't they get...
  17. T

    If you can give video views READ THIS

    I have a huge downline of people in my affiliate network. We do most of our marketing on YouTube. I am currently using a guy that is giving me views for my videos. Over the past month or so his views are coming in really slow and it is really hard to get in touch with him. Over the past 2...
  18. T

    Youtube Video Marketing Questions

    I am looking to promote my network marketing videos on Youtube. In the past I have been able to dominate a few targeted key words and get my videos to appear on the 1st page of Youtube using software. Due to the recent changes in Youtube as you all know these programs do not work for video...
  19. A

    I can provide Youtube Views

    I can give Youtube views. I can get past the 300 view freeze mark. I have started a thread at I am giving 500 free views to 3 different videos to prove i can get past the freeze...
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