video seo

  1. Z

    "Video is not the main content on the page" GSC Error

    Hi I started an adult tube site where I upload videos on doodstream then I embed them to my site using the embed code. Nothing else is on the page except the embedded video. I use the retrotube theme from WPScript on my site. I'm currently getting this issue from GSC for all the videos I...
  2. I

    Best Links to Rank a Youtube in Google Search

    What's up, everyone? I need to rank 2-3 videos on Google to push a video down out the Page 1 video section. What are the best links to use to rank a video in Google Search?
  3. richzhydra

    Indexing Keywords In Youtube

    Hi Guys I have been in youtube since december 2019. Since my priority of youtube is ranking, I want to ask to people in here How to make indexing keywords in youtube faster? For now, I noticed that it takes minimum 3 months for youtube to index our channel and keywords .
  4. T

    Incorporating YouTube Videos in Your Organic Search Strategy

    Brian Freiesleben just put together a down-to-earth guide on how embedded YouTube videos can bump your organic traffic volume, and he’s got some unique insights. Video content can often be an overlooked SEO opportunity for many websites. While quality video content can be expensive to produce...
  5. Beldo

    Video SEO - What are most powerfull factors ?

    Hi, how to rank youtube video on google using factors that can be bought on SMM panels ? I wrote unique 700-1000 words description with all keywords not stuffed. RN im #1 on youtube with almost all keywords but on google im not even showing :/ There are 3 videos with almost no SEO , poor desc...
  6. HenryObi

    What Do You Think About Unique Picture And Video In Post Content With Respect To Position In The SER

    I know it's believed they can influence ranking. I want to know from experts here, are the changes in the SERP influenced by the presence of unique pictures and/or videos very substantial enough? I was talking with a friend and he recommended I include those in my post contents, knowing these...
  7. T

    [Guide] Ranking Youtube Videos in 2020

    Totally forgot about this and glad I could recall because a lot of my BHW peeps have been posting about video ranking stuff and with all the typical ranking stuff talked about here not many talk about video seo. It's step by step and very in-depth which I am sure you guys will enjoy going...
  8. Digital Web Zones

    Video marketing selling

    Video marketing selingg top 100 sites. Interested people PM plZ
  9. Swave

    Youtube "Poking" Method?

    Hi Guys, I read somewhere (can't remember where) that one technique to determine if a video will rank is to use the "poking" method. Is that just uploading vids with desired kw phrases to see if/where they rank and then taking them down?
  10. shiboshy

    ◀️▶️ Video Embeds Creation Service | Video/YouTube SEO | Free Balance for Jr. Vips

    Free Balance (Sign up bonus): All Jr. VIP Members are eligible for $1 Free Balance/Sign Up bonus to test and review our services. In case you are interested, please write in this thread that you are interested for the Free Balance Offer and we will create an account for you in our panel, add...
  11. shiboshy

    [FREE REVIEWS] 100 Video Embeds | 50 Organic Shoutouts | 15 Social Signals | 200 Embeds & 19 Signals

    Hello everyone, we need reviewers to test and write a detailed review about our panel services. You will be testing 4 services from our Panel Sales Thread YouTube Video SEO - 100 Video Embeds ($1) 50 Organic Shoutouts to 1,000,000 Real People the most Effective Social Promotion for your...
  12. shiboshy

    ⚡$1/VIDEO⚡ ✅Video Creation Service ✅Video Marketing Stores For Sale ✅Start reselling ✅Domain/Hosting

    No, thanks, i'll proceed to order video creation services for myself What we do? We convert websites and posts into high quality videos! We use videos to increase sales and conversions! Our company is focused on Video Marketing! We turn posts into videos that rank! Our videos will bring you...
  13. Stan Fox

    ⭐YOUTUBE VSEO ⭐The Godfather Offer ✅Google&YT #1 Page ⭐Relevant Comments/Real Views/Social Signals ⭐

    Thread closed - OP request.
  14. Ajeet Ghuman

    Lost in YouTube Video SEO

    An year ago I was running a channel very successfully making 300 bucks monthly without any hard work done because my one of the video got very popular on reddit and it gave me lots and lots of views. It was all weel until i got hit by Youtube new TOS and my channel with other child channels got...
  15. ClintN

    YouTube text script but no voiceover

    Am I risking an SEO penalty by producing a YouTube Video with no voice over etc, but uploading a full sales script (with keywords) into the caption fields to increase the video's SEO? Many thanks in advance for any tips
  16. S

    where to go to increase a YT channel watch time

    Hi, Wanting to find best options for increasing a channel's watch time and also to increase the channels subscriptions. Maybe black hat but hey ho! Are there services out there doing this? PM me if necessary.
  17. D

    5-10 Review Users Wanted For Video Tracker

    Currently, my software allows you to enter a youtube channel and get all the rankings for each keyword in those videos. So there is no manual keyword entry and you can use any channel you want. The software is you can go there and sign up for the free account. The next 10...
  18. El_Pedro_Blanco

    [YOUTUBE] - Keywords and onchannel SEO optimisation

    Hi guys! So, I've used Google Adwords Keywords Tool to find some interesting keywords for my new YouTube channel, but one question, three in fact, remain. 1. How many keywords should I use for my channel? 2. How many keywords should I use for my videos? 3. How many keywords should I tag my...
  19. G

    Can't rank a video for low competition kw!

    Hi, Am trying to rank for a low comp kw's for local biz. any 1 knows why I can't rank my vid? it stuck on google page 2. no vids on page 1. great on-site SEO and quality links, includes forums & guest posts. Any advise?
  20. D

    [JV] I Do Video Marketing WITH AMAZING RESULTS And I Am Looking For A Partner To BRING IN Sales

    Hi, Having been in SEO for a few years. I have now concentrated my efforts on video marketing for clients who wish get more or have no exposure on Youtube/Google Videos and organic search ( this does depend upon a number of factors). By dominating a video niche a client can expect an...
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