video producing

  1. royalmemer

    A commandline tool to Merge videos

    Does anyone know or have a tool/utility which can merge videos. Example: I want to merge all videos in a folder which have different resolution and FPS. I have tried all possible ffmpeg and moviepy solutions on stackoverflow and other sites but no luck. If anyone has an idea or a reference about...
  2. saaqib

    is this video using text to speech

    Hi, is this video using text to speech? if so which TTS is it using?? thanks in advance
  3. E


    Hello All, I 'm new to this forum community. Just wanted to say hi!
  4. batiatus

    [GUIDE] How to Produce Great Viral Videos Without Writing, Talking, even Recording for FREE!

    Hey all! My brother wants to have a Youtube channel but he doesn't have any equipment for recording good videos and he doesn't know how to edit, produce and make killer viral videos by his own. Just for the record, he also doesn't know how to speak English, yet he doesn't even have a microphone...