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  1. atsdie

    if google ads in prioritizing a video should i let it?

    I've been running google ads on around 20 vids in 1 of my ad group. google ads has been heavily favoring a video I don't really want to the "main one" or the first one to catch the algorithm but I'm wondering if im shooting myself in the foot here this 1 video can become as high as 25% of the ad...
  2. G

    Putting Video ads in app to make money?

    Hello so i have an app in which i would like to have users watch an ad/video ad or what ever kind of ad generates most money in exchange for a "special code" they can use in the app. I thought about using linkvertise but i dont know if i can generate unlimited links with that since each user...
  3. dewdrop83

    [Giveaway] 5 Animated Videos for Free

    I am building my portfolio for video creation service. So, doing a giveaway of 5 animated videos free for BHW members. At this moment I am giving it to VIP members only. Videos will be YouTube Into, Product Promo, Corporate video, Slideshow. Video duration 30 sec. You need to provide me...
  4. B

    Need video VAST / slider ad network ssuggestions (Adult)

    Yoo guess whos back posting from a mental aylum lmao Ive been doing real well with clickadilla with video ads but somehow something happened . Being stuck at mental hospital isnt helping :P ALright anyone got good alternative ideas ?? Thaankss
  5. N

    Easy To Qualify For Ad Networks?

    I have been trying to find an advertiser for my website which hosts erotic content (not pornography) and I need an ad network that's easy to qualify for. I tried using A-Ads but I feel like they are a total scam. Even thought I get thousands of unique impressions per day (90% from the United...
  6. A

    Video Testimonial for business needed

    Need some people to record videos of themselves praising a business and recommending it. Should be able to articulate themselves in a smooth and clean manner (not like reading a script) If you think you can do this DM me

    Making/Editing product videos for FREE

    Hey Guys, I have been on this forum for a long time. Have seen many people do incredible things here. Now it's my time to giveback what I am good at. For past couple of years I have been editing videos for youtube and various other stuff. Now I am free these days. So just thought that I can...
  8. SERPdaddy

    ▶️ Kick-Ass Video Ads for Dropshipping Products ⭐ 10% OFF ⭐

    PLEASE DROP YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE THREAD OR EMAIL ME OR PM ME USE COUPON CODE: BHW10 Get a 10% DISCOUNT on your first order CONTACT Mail: [email protected] Skype: serpdaddy Facebook Chat:
  9. SeedPhrase

    Looking for YT ads video Creator (Animation + Voice over)

    Hi, am looking for someone who can create high converting Youtube video ads (animation+ voice-over) payment will be done per video creation will discuss the price according to your experience/past project.. PM me or comment on the thread I will PM Cheers !!
  10. I

    Greetings from Alex

    Hello, BlackHat! I'm Alex, decided to join and share my > 7 years of expertise with online video technologies. ;) I appreciate an opportunity to learn from this epic community. Have a lovely day, everyone!
  11. D

    Incentive video views affiliate network

    Hi guys :) I'm writing here since I'm looking for incentive networks that pay for video views. Can you suggest me some good networks for this purpose? thanks in advance
  12. Flamingo1

    Video Traffic arbitrage

    Hi, Since there is a large number of traffic arbitrage interests here the post is in good hands. I want to deal with video traffic arbitrage. In more detail 1) Purchase video traffic for Videos in Websites. (Non YT Videos) 2) Prevent bot traffic 1) Which platforms would you prefer? I know you...
  13. tsumaaa

    Anyone running a successful video marketing agency?

    I wanted to throw this question out there to see how many folks are making money selling marketing videos to small businesses? I've heard of some people selling video advertisements to company's for upwards of at least $100 or more and this seems to be the new way of selling marketing...
  14. simplehuman21

    Self Hosted-Video

    Hi guys, have you ever tried self-hosting all of your videos instead of using file hosting website? I really want to put my own ads and stuff but it seems like this is going to be expensive. Any suggestion guys?
  15. S

    Anyone tried Primis/Sekindo

    Hello, Has anyone tried to monetize your website with video ads? I'm planning to start with Primis formerly knows as Sekindo. So, would like to know what kind of RPM/CPM do they provide for video ads. If anyone have experience with them, please share your feedback. Thanks
  16. Alex D.

    Google Ads targeting audience from specific youtube channel?

    I want to promote my video ad to a specific Youtube channel. I already tried to select that youtube channel as a source, based on Google ads my ad should be shown on videos that are posted on that channel. The problem is that it does not work because youtube channel I'm targeting does not have...
  17. C

    [HIRING] Need A Professional Video Creator for an Ad

    I am looking to hire someone who has experience with creating Video Ads. Please comment below if you can fulfill this job. Or, if you have used someone, please refer below. Thanks
  18. PowerKnipser

    How to Show Ads on Embedded Video?

    Hi, I want to do a wordpress site that is about documentation videos. I only embed them from Youtube and other sites, I don't upload them by myself. It is some kind of streaming site, except that it is legal. So here's the deal: I want to show a video Ad to the viewer, before he can watch the...
  19. T

    Instream video ads for porn and non porn content

    Dear BHW, I am wondering who are the instream video ads providers of the in-stream ads in websites like pornhub, as i am looking to sign up in them for my own system. Please suggest me their links in inbox or just reply here, many thanks.
  20. daddyj2

    Facebook videos?

    Hi all just want to ask a recommendation on where to get videos that I can safely upload on my facebook page without getting a copyright strike. Or how do people upload videos on facebook without getting copyrights? I see a lot of pages posting videos that I know they're not the ones who made it.