video ad

  1. K

    Business Video to create or outsource?

    I am considering a side project for work to create a short video for linkedin ads explaining our services. I am not sure whether ai services will really meet my needs as i have thoughts of what i want and external images and potentially voice i want to use. Has anyone dabbled through creating...
  2. D

    a legit book or course / yt channel to learn how to make 30s videos that actually sells ? please

    i'm really surprised that after a lot of googling and searching youtube i couldn't find a legit source from a legit author/instructor on how to make video ads for products !!! can you please suggest me some ? either paid or free
  3. Boar99

    Video ads creative

    What is the best way to create an advertising video that brings sales to your store? is it better to make videos by yourself or use an agency? and which agency or video-creating platform do you recommend? thanks
  4. M0805

    (JV) - My Video Editing Service + Your client's

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can find clients for my service. We can split 50/50.
  5. A

    Need video testimonial

    Hello, I need someone to record a video testimonial for my business. You have to be a good talker and actor (preferably native speakers)
  6. A

    Need video testimonials made

    NEED people who are good at talking and acting to make video testimonial praising a business. It is simple and easy (preferably native speakers) thanks
  7. A

    Need Video Testimonial made

    Need someone to make a video testimonial for a business. Someone who is a good talker, fluent in English and can act well. It needs to be natural and not feel scripted. If you can do that message me ASAP
  8. A

    Need video testimonials for business

    Hello if you can make a video testimonial for my business please let me know. I need natural speakers, and good actors that can talk in a smooth manner.
  9. A

    Need video testimonials made

    Hello, I need people to make video testimonials for my business, praising and recommending it. If you are good at talking in a natural manner and acting well then PM me
  10. A

    Video Testimonial needed

    I need a couple people to shoot videos for me promoting and praising my Business. Basically, you just have to read a script in a natural manner and help the brand image in a way. I have 2-3 more slots open for people that are available. Message me up
  11. A

    Voice actor needed for advertisement

    Need someone good at speaking and a quality microphone to read a script for the sound of an advertisement I’m going to be making. Thanks
  12. H

    ISO Adult Actress's

    Can anyone recommend a site where I can hire Adult actresses to make some scripted videos for me.
  13. W

    Hello Everyone! I am new here BHW.

    Hello Everyone! I am new here BHW. I am wordpress ,shopify developer and Short video ads expert. If you need any help or service then please feel free to have a chat with me. Regards Webdivinepro :)
  14. mrsmilyy

    Channel Demonetization after monetization !! what to do ?

    Channel Demonetization after monetization !! what to do ? why ?
  15. sinner82

    Any affiliate network you know which pays for video ads ?

    Hello BHW recently I was browsing internet over VPN to check trending ads etc. and got one pop with video on it with ads in it, well video was casual mainstream stuff, but with few ads in it :) Landing page was either made by affiliate network or by user didn't fixed at that pint for myself...
  16. SeedPhrase

    [HAF] Looking for Concept Video creator

    I'm looking for someone who can create a concept idea video for marketing feel free to PM me for more discussion ( Price will be discussed via PM ) Cheers!
  17. Alee9926

    The Youtuber Journey went well

    With two videos already and 25 subscriber I get without promoting huhuhu I think Im gonna put my effort in this for a while. But I still got many assignment. Nah Im good! Consistency is Important! Support me guys, this is the only website I can thrive hahahaha... why I dont have many friends...
  18. ApexTemple

    Need a professional Short Video Ad for Facebook

    I'm currently looking for someone who can create a professional short video ad on facebook for me. The video should be between 15 to 30 sends and high quality. If you're interested send me a message and your budget.
  19. MuhammadWaqas

    Free Instagram Video Advertisement Creation

    Hi, Respected Seniors, I want to offer my promotional video creation services for Instagram. I will create one free Instagram video advertisement for each of the members on first come first serve basis. In order to watcb a free sample of the video advertisement, kindly have a look at tge...
  20. Alex D.

    Google Ads targeting audience from specific youtube channel?

    I want to promote my video ad to a specific Youtube channel. I already tried to select that youtube channel as a source, based on Google ads my ad should be shown on videos that are posted on that channel. The problem is that it does not work because youtube channel I'm targeting does not have...
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