1. Santiz

    Which vertical/niche to choose? Easy start/ROMI

    What do you think? What is the best niche to enter right now? So that the result was not in a year. Classic blackhat (gambling, betting, pharm, crypto) or whitehat (infobusiness, edtech, dating, ecommerce, dropshipping, wellness, saas, loans, mobile gaming etc)? What specific niches or...

    Vertical trends in 2022

    Hi there, Were wondering what the trendiest verticals in 2022 are? Are there any new promising verticals emerging? What should an affiliate be on the lookout for?
  3. 912lab

    Dating Smartlink Verticals

    hey, I'm promoting the LosPollos Dating Smartlink with 300x250 ad banners, but I'm slowly running out of good banners ... how do you do this? do you create your own banners or where do you get good converting ad banners from?
  4. A

    Your most profitable vertical?

    Mine is dating since 2007. What is yours?
  5. E

    offers for TikTok

    Hi everyone! How do oyu think offers form what vertical can be usefull for TikTok?
  6. SEOWorlock

    Traffic Verticals:Its time to fight back to Google!

    I think it is time to start this topic, and many BHW brothers must make more extensive attention to this thread than usual. I know that there are specific threads about verticals, but here I'm using the term "traffic vertical" black hat ones and with a laser target audience. If you are in this...
  7. O

    Cannabis and Marijuana Site

    Hi guys and gals We have ended up with a website that is directly related to marijuana and cannabis that is on the front page of G for several high traffic keyword terms, totalling near on 1,000,000 estimated searches a month. Looking at the analytics info, we can see the traffic growing week...
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