1. I

    Coder needed! Edit a Chrome extension

    Need somebody who could edit me a Chrome Extension. I dowloaded a Extension and ant an edit on it to make my own Version out of it. I want to add some more Features. For more detials please contact me.
  2. CarlSagan

    Strange behaviour - different cached site than the actual site

    Has anyone encountered this before? I've found a decent domain to possibly register. When searching for it shows up first, but the cached page is actually a different website which has the same content (looks like it moved). The site hasn't got a 301/302 redirect though. When...
  3. bekti

    Which version of scrapebox has a contact form submitter?

    I managed to download 1.15.70 version of scrapebox and I can't find the contact form submitter is it me or was it introduced in a later version? P.S I know that it is on the do not share list so I am not asking for you to share it just on what version is the contact form submitter available...
  4. K

    Tube Toolbox crack anyone?

    Hey guys, I looked through the forum and saw the latest crack on the edition, it worked fine for be until yesterday, it has some login problems, I think that it is because of the new youtube login page. Anyone got the latest crack? Thanks
  5. axcer

    Mobile version of BHW

    BHW has been a great platform to learn and earn, no doubt. I'm writing this thread just to grab some attention regarding the design of BHW. I use BHW in my pc, laptop and even in mobile. There is almost no problem using BHW in pc/laptop. Issue is with browsing BHW in Mobile. It feels like...
  6. blitzgeist

    Blitzgeist here I have come to help

    Can anyone please let me know how and where to get hold of 'serious magic ultra 2' I have tried 'g' and keep getting 'malicious site' warnings or directs to sites that don't even have the damn thing. I got one smartyass gave me a link to a chinese site I request please no BS. many thanks in advance
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