verified blue tick

  1. R

    Facebook (Blue Tick) Needed

    Hello, I need Facebook (Blue Tick), I'm fine if it's pre-verified or you can get a new page verified
  2. xxxharnel


    Hi would like to get Instagram or Facebook Verified Badge service. Im verified on multiple big platforms as TikTok and YouTube. If it’s not possible to get verified on Instagram , I would like to get verified my facebook personal profile. because Facebook it’s more easier to get verified! Im a...
  3. E

    FB & İG Verification - Blue Tick - Can you get ?

    Hello there Work will be done for 20 -25 accounts per month These people are celebrities, artists, youtubers, or public figures. Looking for someone who will work continuously and finish the process quickly at an affordable price
  4. Jeffery_123

    Verified blue tick on insta?

    anyone can do that here? Lemme know, I need that and insta won’t give it to me.. I talked to them million times, they stupid ass lil dipshits, so if anyone here can somehow do that idk, lemme know man / woman : )
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