verification checkpoint

  1. Lord surh

    Unusual activity verification loop.

    This is the 5th time this is happening in a 3 weeks span, comes up every 5-7 days now and it get disabled then reactived again. There is not automation or anything used on the account, just mobile access and normal activities, but it keeps coming back, would appreciate if someone could help with...
  2. DulalKisku

    Fake ID for verification needed. I've the data.

    I need a a photoshop expert who can create a current bill (utility bill, phone bill or similar), showing the name and address for aws verification.
  3. lorenkal

    How to bypass "We Detected An Unusual Login Attempt" loop?

    Hi guys! I am use GMT2, accounts from valar, proxies valar & stormproxies. Some accouts Instagram Verification Loop "We Detected An Unusual Login Attempt" forced. How to bypass this?
  4. som

    Facebook Representative

    Hey guys! I am currently looking for a facebook representative to help me with my account and something i am working on briefly. If you know a facebook representative or you are one please email me: [email protected] . Thank you, much appreciated!
  5. M

    Does PVA Phone Verification significantly reduce chance of login checkpoints?

    I am wondering if PVA versus Non-PVA Facebook accounts significantly reduce the chance of hitting login checkpoints, like requiring a mobile verification, photo verification, or DOB verification, at the start or in the future. I'll share that the purpose for my accounts use is very very moderate...