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    Reliable vcc sellers for facebook?

    Hi I've been looking to buy or get working vcc to verify my ads account, but I google it and search it on forums and the results are shitty websites and scammer sellers. Does anyone know any reliable seller or a way to get the vcc? I know it got harder to get a working one, but I also know a lot...
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    VCC that works for Microsoft Adcenter(BING) Account Activation

    Hey blackhatters, Can someone tell which VCC works for Google Adcenter? For what I hear Adcenter spots most of the VCC and rejects them. So anyone used any VCC's recently that actually works?? Please Suggest.
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    Selling Virtual credit cards(VCC) for paypal, ebay, facebook & other online purchases.

    Selling Virtual credit cards to verify paypal, ebay, facebook and for other online purchases VCC to verify paypal: $7 Ordering code: VP (BHW username) VCC to verify ebay: $7 Ordering code: VE (BHW username) VCC to verify facebook: $7 Ordering code: VF (BHW username) VCC with custom...
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