1. C

    Social Media Traffic with VB.net

    Good day Does anyone knows how to program in vb.net: 1)make a httprequest with vb.net 2) for the analytics url it should be social media traffic 3)Referer should be instagram.com Thanks for help
  2. C

    VB.NET Youtube LIKE and DISLIKE Button classes Problem for VB.NET

    I have a nice tool for YouTube .... but one Problem: How is it possible to LIKE or DISLIKE a Video in the Webbrowser control. I do not find the correct classes to activate the button. The code for comments and send comment button is working...... but not like oder dislike... any ideas???? For...

    Who can help me to get sourcecode of this software

    Hi I have a software i think it build with VB who can help me to get sourcecode of this software i want to have all code and design in this software to edit it from zero . PM ME FOR THE LINK
  4. helder ventura

    Hello , I try to click a button with no ID? vb.net

    Hi hello every one. I have try multiple times to get it work in different ways but none of the i have try work This is the button i try to click <button type="submit" name="B5" style="height: 20; background-color: #FFFF00; width:20" onclick="submitform(2);"></button> and this is my code to...
  5. A

    VB.NET WebClient Proxy Issue...

    I have been working on a small application that can crawl Google to show some of the search engine results pages and the WebClient normally connects fine, but after trying to connect to Google thru the WebClient proxy property, it just isn't connecting properly. Here's the code that I'm working...
  6. FaithlessDbo

    [Need your thoughts] Create an URL scraper

    So I had an idea to create and URL scraper, just something basic. I saw a thread yesterday where someone asked if anyone could make a program that would scrape information for him based on an URL. So this got me thinking, what if I would release a program that would scrape, lets say 10 variable...
  7. J

    Controlling the mouse position of a 3rd party game using VB.net

    Hello guys, I need some pointers in order to control mouse movements of a game while using a VB.net application in the background. I've build the framework around analyzing the area around the mouse and attempting to move the mouse towards the target.
  8. P

    vb.net httpwebrequest

    Hi friends, i'm new to vb.net and need some help. i'm trying to send my mail to a site using httwebrequest looking random codes on the web. still now nothing works, coud you help me? this is the html page where I'm trying to send my mail with a random fake ip. <div class="page-content"><form...
  9. F

    HttpWebRequest failed to login onto web site

    Hi, please guys I really need help please. I'm trying to login onto a web site using HttpWebRequest but it's seems like it doesn't work. When I make Request, it's just bring me to the login page (see last picture) without doing anything. I'm using Live Http headers as well to capture HTTP...
  10. T

    Login to a site using HttpWebRequest VB.NET Issue!

    Hi! I know that there is a lot of http web request tutorials on how to login into a website but I tried most of them and they don't work :(. What i want to do is go to a likes exchange website rootdomain/login.php and login with the username and password located in the textbox1 and 2. I cant...
  11. F

    A few people have wanted to hear this: update on my viewer bot.

    Okay guys, everything was going great, I had my proxies working, I had clear cookies working, and then poof: "This version of IE does not support view counting" but webkit .net comes to the rescue!...... and then flops, see, I don't know how to integrate proxies and clear cookies into webkit...
  12. F

    I have a working youtube viewer bot, now I need someone to help me with proxies.

    Hi guys, as it says in the title, I have a working youtube bot. I programmed it in vb.net using the webkit .net browser. It is working fine, actually pretty darn well. But it only will get up to about 300 without proxy support. The first person to tell me how to integrate proxies into webkit...
  13. F

    Youtube Viewer Bot - Lets Collaborate!

    To Whom It May Concern, Hi guys, this is franke123. I am working on a simple VB NET youtube viewer bot. I know that without help no one will be able to make a good youtube viewer bot on their own. This program is going to be free. I have yet to setup the site, but i'm going to get a...
  14. F

    Help W/ My Youtube Bot

    Hi, I've been developing a free utube viewer bot in vb net. But (and I know this is newbie but I cant find out how to do it) I need to close a program, NOT THE PROGRAM ITSELF. Like for example closing firefox or chrome! Im assuming its something like System.Process.Close(hello.exe) But I really...
  15. Z

    API Code For DeathByCaptcha Service in VB.Net.

    Anyone have a sample API Coding for DeathByCaptcha Service..in vb
  16. M

    Example: Stripping HTML tags via Regex

    'Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions Dim htmlData As String '= Whatever data from html page Dim strippedText As String strippedText = Regex.Replace(htmlData, "</??[^>]*>", "") 'For c# just insert goofy squiggles where necessary. I was just needing to strip all of the html tags out of some...
  17. smack

    Predicates and Lambdas with lists and collections.

    Environment: Visual Studios 2008 using VB (this is also valid for c# although the syntax is slightly different) i just learned a nifty technique that you can apply to working with collections and lists. this is kind of an extension of the linq concept, it uses predicates and lambdas to...
  18. A

    Looking for the Blackhat Programming Bundle that is lost? Please read

    There was a whole course on black hat programming. It was for vb2008. Here are the contents of the archive. Files: Introduction / courseintro.pdf 323.8 KB Introduction / IntroLab.pdf 468.1 KB PHP Programming / Class 1 - HTML Review / Video Tutorial / Video Link.txt 41 Bytes PHP...
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