1. samwarez

    Please Help Me (convert VB.net code to VB6)

    Please Help Me (convert VB.net code to VB6) this code ------------------------------------------------------------------- Imports System.IO Imports System.Text Imports System.Net Public Sub Upload() Dim imageData() As Byte Dim fileStream As FileStream =...
  2. S

    vb6 help: in ocx control

    dear user, i wanna to help in vb6 that i wanna to create own ocx control with button and i wanna to make is customize properties in properties wanna put button backcolor, forecolor with the mousemove event can any body help me to do that one? :israel:
  3. D

    spin content with vb6

    Hi all.... I need code in vb6 for select words from spin content.... any know how to? Thanks a lot!
  4. N

    My Tagged Bots

    Basically i have coded the following bots for the social network site tagged.com: Friend Adder (Bypasses 200 per day limit through exploit) Commenter (Load Id's, Write comment inc HTML / Send) - 200 per day Mailer (Load Id's, Write Message, Send) - 200 per day Group Inviter (Load Id's, put in...
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