1. B

    Validate My Idea: Backlink Displayer

    Hi BHW, I would really appreciate it if you could validate my idea: Some of the articles I've written on a publication that I own have received backlinks from Forbes and The Guardian. This got me thinking that online entrepreneurs work really hard to acquire backlinks, but have no way of...
  2. TheTyper

    Meta Tag Validation in Wordpress

    One of the affiliate partnerships I accompany is asking me to put a meta tag in the html code of my index page. The thing is I am on Wordpress and the index.php file is just a few lines long. Someone can tell me how to find the index html page (I can see it using 'View Source' in my browser) and...
  3. N

    Email Validator?

    Hey guys, I got a a lot of emails but I want to put them through an bulk/mass email validator. Anyone got a recommendation for such kind of software? For free or cheap 10,000 emails per validate..
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