1. Costelus

    Need Help with Instagram Mass accounts

    Hey. I am trying to run 70 instagram accounts in Jarvee. I buy the accounts from Valar 3-8 years old accounts and use them with one ipv4 per account. The problem is that after I add them in jarvee and warm-ul them for 7-8 days, after 10-12 days they get disabled. I have lost over 60 accounts...
  2. EntrepreNeel

    [SCAMMER] Valar instagramis

    Hello guys. I am a newbie in Instagram botting. And i dont completely say that valar instagramis is a scammer. I am just sharing my experience. So i bought accounts from valar instagramis. The accounts didnt worked. It reverted to their original email as if they were hacked accounts. I asked...
  3. Gupta Prathesh

    Error: Import VALAR accounts into JARVEE

    Hi All, A young noob here at IG automation. Successfully linked all my own, old accounts to JARVEE, but I cannot figure out how to import new accounts/cookies. Here is an account I have tried to import, for example but have failed (yes I understand people can steal it, I want to learn how to...
  4. A

    Experiences with Account Sellers

    Hey, looking for some super aged n reliable accounts. my normal guy is dry for the accounts im after, so i have to look elsewhere. I know the Marketplace is available there, just looking for people's personal recommendations/experiences with different sellers. Thanks Akaash