valar accounts

  1. Costelus

    Need Help with Instagram Mass accounts

    Hey. I am trying to run 70 instagram accounts in Jarvee. I buy the accounts from Valar 3-8 years old accounts and use them with one ipv4 per account. The problem is that after I add them in jarvee and warm-ul them for 7-8 days, after 10-12 days they get disabled. I have lost over 60 accounts...
  2. bllec1998

    [ERROR] Instagram Redirects to Homepage IG Botting

    So as the title says: Why do some accounts redirect to homepage whenever they try to follow? In gmt2 shows up as suspicious activity but no way to mail or phone verify when I access through embed browser and it is all fine until I try to follow somebody, it redirects back to homepage... Any...