1. S

    is vagex dead?

    I have had about 400,000 vagex views, and I've been using them in conjunction with actual adsense to spam views onto my video. However only actual adsense views register and it looks like it doesn't count vagex views, even though all my vagex views were 10 points each, so it's like what? 5...
  2. I

    Adsense and Vagex on Youtube?

    So I used Vagex on one of my videos, but stopped using Vagex and deleted the Vagex Viewer. Does this mean I can't ever use Adsense at all, or just not on the video I used Vagex with?
  3. BENNY8877

    Is Vagex Giving Views?

    I haven't used Vagex in a while, that is until last week, and I still haven't received views for about five or six videos that I added. Is anyone else currently getting views from Vagex?
  4. blackhatbeavis

    Vagex YT Videos Stuck on 301

    Ive been using Vagex for a few years now. Now ALL my videos stick at 301 views and DONT move. I thought Vagex provided views from different users/IPs? Anyone know a solution to unlock my videos from 301 views?
  5. B

    Action! Vagex is opening for New Signups,Ends Wednesday 7th May! Hurry

    New Signups are now Opening for Only 1 week free. The Referral contest has started. Ends Wednesday 7th May. Hurry! No need to buy an account You can make your choice as below: no referral url is referral url is
  6. ZevenHoland

    Starting Vagex+ Vps

    Hi guys i am using vagex in my computer since a year and now i want to scale buying 5 vps to run vagex firefox + vagex viewer 24/7. First of all i want to buy a VPS. Can someone give me some advise for cheap vps that works with vagex? and I want to know too if vagex works in ubuntu, linux...
  7. M

    FREE NEW account for VAGEX

    i have seen many posts on BHT for VAGEX accounts many people are asking for VAGEX accounts as VAGEX SIGNUPS are closed. even many people are ready to PAY $$$ for VAGEX ACCOUNT But today i have a great news for all people who were dying for VAGEX accounts now you can have YOUR OWN new VAGEX...
  8. J

    Free Vagex Accounts? Because its open again for 24 hours only!

    For those of you who are new to the youtube game vagex used to be an open website that worked very well for delivering views, likes, subs, favs, and noncustom comments. It then closed its registration to new members and only allowed its current members to exchange views. Its open today for 24...
  9. J

    Vagex not responding to contacts

    Hey all- If anyone has any Vagex admin connections please assist. I am not getting any responses from them in the Contacts area and our account is due for credits upgrade. Thanks.
  10. M

    Vagex accounts: NEEDED PLEASE READ:

    I am looking for some vagex accounts.If you have one can you please send me with the account details? I can return a favour if you need one.
  11. pakman

    Vagex Special Offer 100k credits for $25

    Vagex's special offer is going on for the next 24 hours I thought other might be interested in this offer and wont want to miss this.
  12. C

    Is it still possible to make money using Vagex viewer?

    Hey guys, is it still possible to make some money using Vagex, generating points and selling those back to them? If yes, what is the average amount which can be made per day, I suppose around 1$. Is there any other similar website which you could recommend. Thx
  13. blackhatbeavis


    Where can I buy Vagex views or accounts? I have one account but need a few million credits. Can anyone help me out with a solution?
  14. M

    Do Vagex and Tube Automator actually Work? (Are they Effective?)

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if Vagex and Tube Automator actually work in giving the desired amount of Likes,Subscriptions,and Comments, and do they actually make Youtube videos more optimized/popular, I'm interested in driving a lot of traffic towards one of my Youtube Videos and I'm wondering...
  15. blackhatbeavis

    Vagex Accounts

    I would like to buy an ongoing supply of Vagex accounts. Anyone help me out?
  16. O

    Is vagex runnin ?

    Hey people i got a question for you ! It seems that vagex is not working anymore for me .... I got 3 pc's with different ip's running 24/7 BUT no luck . Is it me or vagex died ?
  17. IberoJump

    How to create a Vagex/AddMeFast Theme web?

    I was wondering how could I create a web that works like Vagex or Addmefast. For example: If someone views/subs/likes my video on Youtube he/she gets points and can use that points to use them in his/her videos. It could be easy to create ? Any tip ? Thank you so much guys !
  18. Chrisrock

    Views, Likes, Subscription Automation - What Do You Use

    Hi guys I have been using Vagex on my videos. The view counts on my YouTube videos stops around 300 for every video and this problem has around for awhile and have not been solved yet. I looking for a similar or better way to automate the social proof on my videos, and that is working without...
  19. B

    Is using Vagex still safe todate?

    Hey guys, so I'm going to try getting some views through Vagex. Planning to invest some $ to it, but first i'd like some opinions from you (the experts) if it will be worth it, or totally safe for my adsense account? any serious answers will be appreciated.
  20. D

    Vagex Credits to Views Ratio?!

    Hi, I recently bought around 2000 views from vagex (~ 100 likes and subs) but only 300 views counted! I know about that famous 301 freezing but it's not the problem I have 550 views and based on youtube analytic stats 300 of them are from an external resource (like vagex). So what's the ratio...
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