user agent strings

  1. jani

    User agent for popular search engine

    Hi Team, I need a list user agent for search engine and social media. can any one help me out.if not please provide the search engine name so that I can go for a research Reason for posting is I don't want to miss even a single one. I have google, yahoo and bing, FB, Twitter I need the rest...
  2. S


    I know you can change the user agent in IE by editing the registry. Example at: enhanceie(dtcom)/ua.aspx This will spoof part of the user agent but not the .net version or any other add-ons. How would you change the executable file in so that these are also changed?
  3. K

    Security & Disguise: a small improvement with user agent strings

    I just bumped into this web site and think the information there can be useful for BH SEO work. useragentstring.comWe use a variety of disguises to conceal our account creations, the most popular (or required) are different IP addresses. But even so, we can end up with accounts that are all...
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