us bank account for non-us citizen

  1. megaMind007

    what would be the best way to open US Bank Account & Credit Card For A Non Resident (Without SSN)

    Hi, i want to open a US Bank Account & Credit Card As Non-Resident to receive my payment from different companies like amazon payment and others. I know a lot of entrepreneurs have already done this in serval ways, can you suggest me what should be the right way to do or pm me if anyone offers...
  2. placiddark

    Payoneer Alternative for UpWork?

    Does anyone know of a prepaid MasterCard with an attached US bank account? I want to use it to setup US bank account withdrawal on UpWork instead of using Payoneer. Card fees are pretty much the same across the board from what I've seen. Even Ten X is cheaper than Payoneer now. I'm just not sure...