url list

  1. A

    Anyone interested in GSA SER AA Lists

    Would anyone be interested in buying some fresh lists for GSA SER or ScrapeBox or Senuke or UD? I'm using ser for my clients and my sites as well (mostly for t2 and t3) and i have two servers scraping 24/7 for new urls. I usually get around 100k new links per month and i'm using them with GSA...
  2. M

    [GET] 870 new bookmarking sites for UltimateDemon

    mixture of 870 additional pligg,phpdug,and scuttle sites for ultimatedemon. Just ran the list through UD and all were detected and working. For those new to UD, Go to Sites,choose bookmark, copy and paste the urls into site detector, and let it rip! Will detect the platforms and import...
  3. K

    [Q] Clean URL List

    Hi i have a huge list of links, and i wanna clean it , practicaly to extract only the domain names. Do you know any tool or any certain way to do that ? Thank you very much :)
  4. V

    Splitting URL List Files

    Would someone tell me if they know of software that splits .txt files that contain URLs I've scrapped using Scrapebox? I have over 20K URLs and don't want to blast all these comments at one time and get in trouble with Google. I'd like to submit a "natural" handful daily. Can anyone help me...
  5. Y

    [SIMPLE]Auto Approve List's Harvesting - 99.9% SUCCESS Rate

    This is a pretty easy and straight forward approach to getting a auto approve blog list that has a 99.9% success rate when you post with whatever software you prefer.
  6. B

    Magic Submitter Question

    I was wondering if there is a way to import a list of urls into magic submitter? I have been trying to figure it out and I have a headache now. I can only see how to do them one by one. I would appreciate any assistance thanks.
  7. mtime88

    URL List?

    Does anyone have any url list they would be willing to share?
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