url blocked

  1. Rasal

    how to post bio links instaram?

    hey , i bought domain and use url farwarding and farward domain to my adverten smartlink.. now problem is when i try to add my new domain to instagram. it says "link blocked" but its new domain how to solve this?
  2. S

    accessing 'old' version of Ticketmaster

    This may be the incorrect place for this thread - feel free to move it. Ticketmaster has a relatively new version which you can see when you go on and it generally displays seating charts from which you can select. There is an older version where you just put in the # of seats and the price...
  3. H

    Help me my website is blocked

    Hi, I start opening a new website and it get hundreds of share but Facebook Block it after 2 hours of start posting. Did any one of you have some ideas to unblock it or any worked page to contact Facebook ?