upwork reviews required

  1. B

    Upwork reviews needed

    I need 2 upwork reviews. PM me if you can give me reviews. No spammers please.
  2. The Writer

    Looking for Upwork reviews

    Please PM me if you have a verified client account ( I need a screenshot as a proof ) and you're willing to buy my service on Upwork. I can pay 1-3$ per review, for 2-3 reviews per week. Thank you!
  3. PKB88

    Easy 3$,Need Upwork reviews

    Hi, I need Upwork reviews (1-2 reviews/week).I will pay you 3$/review.Looking for someone with Upwork hiring account.This will be a long term opportunity If anyone interested please contact me Thank you
  4. thecontractman

    Upwork Reviews Required $25 paid + all fees

    Hi all, I have an account on Upwork but need a few good reviews and feedbacks Please let me know if any of you have a good active client account, I shall pay for the project fees and give $25 extra. I shall pay through PayPal in advance PS: Need payment verified accounts only. PM me please