1. R

    Can someone teach me how do I add a direct URL of the video to my tube script?

    I think the other sites are leaching my traffic which is really devastating for me right now. Anytime a user click on my video it starts to show their player which sometimes doesn't even work correctly (like you cannot stop the video without opening their webpage) I have found in my script...
  2. charmtolucky

    Bulk Upload Blogpost

    Hello members, I created a blog using blogger.com and i want to upload bulk post in the same The posts are around 300-400. Anyone have any idea on how can i do it?
  3. feler

    Adult Subreddits - upload adult videos

    Hi, We are looking for some another adult subreddits where we can post daily quality adult videos from our adult tube sites. If you are interested in regularly uploading our videos to your adult subreddits write to me.
  4. A

    Uploading to XVIDEOS.COM after 1 week...

    Here is my global stats page of XVIDEOS.COM after 1 week, is this any good?
  5. kurosaki4d

    Remove special characters from filenames

    Hello Guys, I have a website that i transfered recently from one host to another. Unfortunately when i did that, i noticed that all the images that had special characters in it lik (é, è, à, ...) weren't showing anymore in my pages. I'm trying to resolve to this issue. I'm thinking maybe if i...
  6. Anton Alexey

    Woow.. Dailymotion Unlimited Upload.

    Hi Guys, How to upload unlimited uploads in Dailymotion? Is there a method?