uploading videos

  1. CrazeWiz

    Mass adult video uploder program/software needed. Do any still exist?

    I need a program/software that can mass upload videos to adult tube sites (p0rn websites). I used to use a number of different pieces of software a few years ago but now none of them seem to work or even exist anymore. I don't need it to create accounts, download videos, add watermarks or...
  2. N

    Hiring xvideos.com uploader

    Looking for someone to upload videos for me on xvideos.com. You must have a verified account which you'll use to upload my videos. Message me here or send email to [email protected] Cheers!
  3. K

    Help a noob please?

    Hello everyone! I'm new on here and this is my first thread. I spent the last days reading as much as I could on this forum and found some ways (methods) I would like to try. Since I'm completely new to IM, the "easiest method" sounds like reuploading porn, watermark them with my website and...
  4. R

    Anyone here used Masstuber for your youtube and adult uploads?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone has used their services- Masstuber . com for uploading youtube and adult videos. I registered but I don't know if they're safe. I checked their FB page and they only have 20 likes, lol and on their main page this is what it says... 41298 videos ....:cool:
  5. A

    How to make money with 20TB of Adult porn material?

    Hello BHW, Let me start by saying stumbling on this forum has been nothing but absolutely fantastic. Alot of useful information by knowledgeable people. While I'm no noob to the online world, I am a total beginner when it comes to making money online. Now my question: Like most people I...
  6. X

    How to monetize 1k videos/songs of breakdance?

    Hey BHW fella's, I have been reading this board for a few weeks and I came accross the youtube section. I like this method because it's straight. 1. Video >> 2. Link in video/description >> 3. Sales page. (CPA) Lately I discovered my backup of some old breakdance videos and a lot of songs...
  7. stupiddumbass

    Best Way to Upload Videos

    Recently I have been using Senuke but there uploader Sucks, Then I moved to Video Post Robot and that up loader sucks too. Seems youtube is getting real tech'y when it comes to IP's, I also use tubemogul but I think they are talking to them as well. Because it was working well at first but the...
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