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  1. Y

    Imacros Automating Uploading JPG File

    URL GOTO=https://www.photocollage.com/ TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON FORM=ACTION:https://www.photocollage.com/ ATTR=ID:addImgsBtn CONTENT=D:\lake.jpg Above is my imacros script, but everytime run it, no image file uploaded, only file upload dialog prompt out and the action to upload image file cannot...
  2. labba20

    Make money with adult images - Reach 10$day quickly

    Hey, this method I am going to share today consists of simple uploading adult images and sharing them wherever you can. It sounds stupid easy but it?s definitely effective. If you are open minded and ready to learn new stuff, you will reach $10/day in no time. For this method, you need bunch of...
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