1. D

    Udemy Reviews not Working

    I get absolutely butthurt when students give me 3 or 3,5 stars (lots of BAD courses that receive 5 stars) so i got mad and tired of pleasing these ungrateful guys and decided to fake my reviews. Bought a premium VPN, created some emails (gmail and outlook) and i'm getting FILTERED by Udemy, can...
  2. V

    From nothing to 5k€ a month with real estate.

    Hello everyone, Today (I hope) will be a big day for me, after 2 years of doing nothing I finally decided to get back to work. I'm a 30 year old developper, I started my company in 2009 when I was 19yo as a web developer and for 10 years I worked on web & mobile development. In 2020 I got...
  3. Ricostrong

    Free Websites for UDEMY Courses

    Sup, Heres some Free web for udemy courses enjoy 1. https://freecoursesite.com/ 2. https://www.discudemy.com/ 3. https://app.real.discount/ 4. https://www.udemyfreebies.com/ 5. https://www.tutorialsbar.com/ 6. https://udemy24.com/ 7. https://www.onlinefreecourse.net/
  4. alpuk

    Udemy Course Limited

    Gmail 2021 English Basic SQL Injections Amazon Mastery Wordpress 2021
  5. nadaaw

    Enroll fast Udemy course: Digital Marketing B2B: Ultimate B2B Digital Marketing Course

  6. alpuk

    Udemy Course

    https://www.udemy.com/course/data-science-and-machine-learning-with-r-from-a-z/?couponCode=2C435441BC9AA55C69C0 https://www.udemy.com/course/nft-course-2021-create-sell-or-invest-in-nfts-today/?couponCode=FREEAUGUST...
  7. alpuk

    Bestseller Youtube Udemy Course

    h - expired
  8. I

    Udemy Free Coupons

    https://www.udemy.com/course/the-complete-web-development-course/?couponCode=WEB22JULY20211 Getting Started With Windows IoT Core on Raspberry Pi https://www.udemy.com/course/searching-and-sorting-algorithms/?couponCode=AB8E834D846589C36490s
  9. M

    You still enroll in udemy courses?

    Every day I am getting some coupon codes for Udemy courses. I have seen many people is posting udemy courses links every day people post 10 - 15 course links. I want to know you guys still interested in enrolling in the new course? If your answer is yes!! Then in what format you want me to post...
  10. share4win

    Best Udemy Courses for beginners - 2 days Valid coupon

    I found these two courses with 100% free coupon for the next 2 days: https://www.udemy.com/course/henry-zhang-merch-mastery-mini-course/?couponCode=1AF56A5A1C9E953BE5D3 https://www.udemy.com/course/2019-2020-shopify-dropshipping-course-for-beginners/?couponCode=FREEJUNOFFER
  11. HarshaYt

    Free Udemy Coupons [LIMITED TIME]

    Hi Everyone Hurry up to enroll in these courses before they expire.Happy learning Happy Weekend. The shorted links are not mine, Kindly remove the post its against BHW rules Big Data Hadoop and Spark with Scala https://bit.ly/3ojmLja ———————————- Apache Spark In-Depth (Spark with Scala)...
  12. I

    Udemy Course Downloader

    Please does anyone know ways to download udemy courses? I have been using UDELER (last time I used was last year till I tried to use it this month), but UDELER stopped working since udemy updated started using DRM (I think). I have lots of paid courses I want to download, as streaming the...
  13. M

    Udemy Paid Courses for Free

    All coupons expire in 2 days. So, enroll fast. Professional Adobe Photoshop CC Course With Advance Training https://www.udemy.com/course/professional-adobe-photoshop-cc-course-with-advance-training/?couponCode=PHOTOSHOP_FREE Complete Photography: 21 Courses in 1 [Beginner to Expert]...
  14. M

    Udemy Coupon Sharing Journey: Day 1 "3 Coupon Courses "

    Hello guys I want to make this journey and give back to the community I am learning a lot here and it's really sad that I can't give back anything, at least sharing some coupons for Udemy courses will help someone here. Merch by Amazon Business Mastery | Udemy 112 Sales Funnels Winning...
  15. M

    Udemy Paid Courses for Free

    Coupons expire within 2 days enroll before they expire. 1. Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel: Complete Excel guide 2021 https://www.udemy.com/course/excel-quick-start-guide-from-beginner-to-expert/?couponCode=FREXLMAY 2. SQL for Data Analysis and Data Science in 2021...
  16. tiagocardoso

    Client Wants to Promote UDEMY Course

    So, I make a close with a client, and she wants to promote her Udemy Course. I say to her it's a bad idea, but her just don't care and want to keep what she wants. Well, she wants to promote her course on Facebook and redirect the users to a Landing Page and then redirect for Udemy. I'm 99%...
  17. Cro7

    [Q] What is The Best Course You Have Taken?

    I watched lots of courses, can't even remember all of them. In the end, YouTube was most useful for me, when we are talking about video materials. I am wondering what is the best course you watched? Are they worth the money you paid? (or should have paid if you didn't use pirated ones)
  18. Bloodseeker

    How to get "first purchase discount" on Udemy everytime

    I am not sure if this simple trick has been shared before or not. I made a few searches but couldn't find anything. Anyway, the trick is simple. All you have to do is create a new account and gift the course to your existing account. I would use a VPN after doing it twice because I don't want...
  19. H

    How to download UDEMY courses for free

    Hey guys I have been using this method to get some UDEMY courses for free "not all" decided to share, Might help some of you, Here are the steps to follow : 1 open UDEMY app or site, copy the title of the course you need fully 2 go to new tab and create an account with...
  20. placiddark

    50 Free Time-Limited Udemy Courses - Get Them While They Last

    Here are a few Udemy courses. Some only have a day left so hurry if interested. Happy holidays! 1. Technical Analysis Mastery: Stock Trading, Forex , Investing 2. Fotografía básica con Adobe Lightroom CC 3. Curso de Canva 2021 4. IPhone Photography Taking Better Photo with Your Smartphone...