ubuntu 16.04

  1. sxopetjs

    How to Clean UP Disk, memory, server logs and unnecessary data from ubuntu 20.04

    Hello friends, I am using digital ocean hosting and install WordPress there. I don't have any idea about little bit command of ubuntu Please help me, how to clean up the memory, clean the disk space, clean the server logs files and clean all unnecessary data that auto-generate and taking a...
  2. B

    Need Help With 4nominizer

    Okay so basically My laptop runs on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and I have installed 4Nonimizer off github and this is basically what happens when I try start it: 4nonimizer start Your Current IP Is ##.###.###.## Starting 4nonimizer to hide your real IP... ............................ [+] There is a...
  3. Alex D.

    Remote Connection to Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop from Windows 10

    I crated simple bot in C# which I will run on Ubuntu 16.04 using mono. Since my bot has GUI I will need remote desktop access to configure everything. Right now I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 desktop on my home server, it's on ESXi and I access to it via vSphere client in my local network. I'm...
  4. PremiumAds

    Need some help setting up a proper Linux Server

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Let me explain my situation; I am trying to set up a VPS to handle some software through a browser. I decided to go with a Linux server as Windows Remote Servers have been so so in my experience. After busting my head for a few days and knowing...