1. R

    Unique Article Wizard in 2015

    Does UAW work anymore? I heard that you should never point UAW articles back to your money site. Unfortunately, I did just that with one submission. Am I on my way to a penalty? Should I just use UAW to bolster other pages that link to my site? THanks, Richard
  2. F

    Using UAW for Tier 2 Links

    Hi, A question regarding UAW: I used UAW for a 2nd layer link building, which links to my blogs, articles and guest posts. Not directly to my site. There has recently been much change in SEO country so I am wondering if this is still a safe technique to use for today (and tomorrow). If it...
  3. nairb

    Best article writing service?

    I have used two sources for ordering articles for the purpose of article spinning & submission, on-site content, etc. The first is CCarticles and the second is 99centarticles. I've found that both have their faults - I originally used ccarticles exclusively but found that the consistency of...
  4. flexnds

    MyArticleNetwork vs UAW vs AMA vs LinkVana vs SEO LinkVine?

    Which article network is best for building high quality back links and why do you feel it's best? My Article Network LinkVana Unique Article Wizard Article Marketing Automation SEO Linkvine Asking this because I am planning to start paying for 2 or 3 of the services each month and...
  5. georgeorwell

    UniqueArticleWizard.Com Operators

  6. J

    UAW Still Recommended?

    Wondering if anyone still recommends using Unique Article Wizard for link building? Perhaps you might suggest some better/alternative services that would be worth looking in to? Thanks
  7. tom4business

    [LINK JOOS V2.0]-Crush Your Competitors With Our All-In-One SEO Package - Amazing Results!

  8. tom4business

    Thousands of Contextual Backlinks - Affordable and Whitehat

    Thousands of Contextual Backlinks - ALL on AUTOPILOT Tired of spending hours building backlinks to your sites? Let us help you with our automated content marketing package, which will give you thousands of high quality contextual backlinks all naturally! We cover the following...
  9. hoot33

    Does UAW help with link juice or just traffic???

    I signed up to UAW on friday still waiting for my first few articles to go out. I have heard from many people that they receive hundreds and hundreds of back links from this, do these links help with SERPS or are they just there for traffic??? Thanks
  10. C

    Are you subscribed to unique article wizard?

    I m a member of SEOLINKVINE and i see on the forum that you use UAW. If you are Perhaps we could cooperate. I would post your articles in SEOLinkvine, you would do the same for me and post articles in UAW. BDW i did get some good resoults so far with SEOLINKVINE - so it is working -...
  11. R

    is unique article wizard still a good source of backlinks?

    I know this service has been around for some time, i wanted to know if it is worth the money it costs and if you see increase in sERPs by using it thanks
  12. C

    [HQ] Unique Article Wizard Submission [400word Articles Included] Feel The Magic For $15!

    Let The Wizard Do Its Magic And Get Hundreds Of High Quality Backlinks Totally Hands-Off! - Introducing Capo's [HQ] Unique Article Wizard Submission Service - Great to have you here. Yes, great for YOU because you finally discovered the magic tool that the top...
  13. P

    Article Marketing for SEO worth the time?

    Hi. With all the tools like SENuke, Xrumer, Scrapebox and others, is it worth to look at article marketing. Tools like Unique Article Wizard. It's submitting your spinned article to hundreds of article sites. It's probably good to have different link sources, but is it worth the time...
  14. F

    Alternative to UAW?

    So I buy UAW, pay it regularly for about 4 months, and yesterday a message pops up saying my account is disabled since am using multiple IPs. 3 of us at my work use this tool and we are 100% dependent on it. There is a ticketing system and we are not sure when they will examine what is the...
  15. W

    Content Distributor?

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anybody has ever come across anything like this... I've been looking for something that will distribute articles to a network of blog sites but spin the articles first. Sort of like UAW, but just for my own articles, and my sites would be getting just my...
  16. M

    How to use Unique article wizard (UAW) with WpMu

    Hi all, this is my first post on BHW. I decided to throw this up after having seen a few people complain about wordpress Mu and UAW. This guide pertains to linux servers. All you need is a few tweaks. That's it...should work. Now, go ahead an create multi blogs on the fly. Enjoy...
  17. G

    Need Help with Unique Article Wizard: Error message: Curl error

    I am using 1and1 basic hosting. My site has been up for almost a year, and now deciding to use UAW to help me with my busy life. Everything has been set, but when hitting Update&Test, I got the following error: Sorry, there was a problem submitting the test article for dir_id 18986 to...
  18. hiding_whitehat

    UAW alternative

    UAW won't work for me because it gives me a fatal error that I need to install CURL. So, could somebody either reccomend a subsitute for UAW or tell me how to install CURL (in non geek terms?)
  19. iworyDJ1983

    UAW Suggestions Needed

    Hello masters, I have installed and activated the UAW plugin in my blogs. Any tricks to use it effectively? Am I qualify for penalties from G because of it? Are their article 100% unique? I don't know that it is legal or not. So, please give me some feed backs and suggest me the best way to...
  20. J

    UAW blogspot email plugin

    Hey, Does anyone here have any experience with the UAW blogspot email plugin? I've been trying to get it to work but for some reason, no articles are coming through. It's been 3 days now and I used a very broad category (acne)...
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