uaw article marketing

  1. S

    Is Unique Article Wizard (UAW) still giving good results?

    Question about UAW is the title... Also, I already own AMR and haven't used since the Beta 1093 has been available. Is everything working like before with AMR? I've been a little reluctant to run a submission since the Beta release.
  2. teeniegenie

    Linx Boss vs UAW

    The title says it all. I'm ready to throw down some cash each month for one of these programs. Which one would you buy if you were me? Here are the differences that I can tell so far: 1. Price: UAW is cheaper 2. Linxboss limits you to 1000 links a month while UAW had no such limit 3...
  3. G

    UAW or something else? Suggestions

    Hey I haven't used UAW for a year now since I have been focusing more on SEM clients. But I just had a request from one of my PPC clients for some SEO. Is UAW still as good as it was? Any recommendations for an SEO tool like UAW for link building or article marketing.
  4. K

    Anyone USing UAW for article submissions? Read my delema!

    I actually like the concept of this software. Ill be honest I've been using UAW for around 3 months now. I use the wizard to its full potential, meaning that I submit 3 unique versions of an article, then I go in and spin almost every word in each article, for example, I would use the tags like...
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