twitter tools

  1. H

    [FREE DOWNLOAD] Twitters VideoHive Follow Reminder

    Bought this from themeforest, and it ended up just being some after effects files so figured I would share it! Enjoy: Download: https://mega(dot)nz/#!YE4SjIqJ key: !utwMzUf-5N3bVzw7PyKffBYqDkyOmVtuEeNZBS-cL5g Virus Total: Information: Twitter Follow Reminder Lower Third – it`s powerful video...
  2. anishpdsah1

    The Three Most Incredible Twitter Tools You'll Ever Use

    Hello Folks! I usually love making long posts and this is one of them :D !! I hope you all enjoy it. Be sure to hit a like button and support my thread if it's helpful :) Let's face it! Twitter is not merely a social marketing tool to let you inform your buddies on what you really are carrying...
  3. laur.laurix

    Twando is it still working?

    Since twitter started to burn my accounts, I'm using FL and MP, I began to search something more customizable and I found Twando which is a server side application. The first thing I noticed that is pretty old I think 2013 or something. Does anybody know is it still working? Are there any...
  4. K

    Looking for twitter tool that can...

    Anyone owns or knows a software that can manage multiple twitter accounts? Looking for a tool that can tweet and retweet. Basically what tool I am looking for has these process: clear history and cache > change proxy > login to to twitter > post a tweet/retweet > delay(customizable) > repeat...
  5. S

    Auto Fav tweets on Twitter

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here in BHW. Ive looked through the forums and you all seem like one hell of a knowledgeable bunch. Wondering if anyone knows of a script, bot, or third party program to beable to auto favorite other peoples tweets. I wish to choose a list of individual...
  6. M

    Free Twitter Tools I Just Found

    Ok guys I was looking for something similar because I just started using twiends... it's ok for number inflation, but sometimes the followers or friends are not going to be active so it's almost a waste. So this is some research on some Twitter tools I found I want to share: (ALL FREE TOOLS)...
  7. M

    Too lazy to write tweets. Let this app write them for you

    So yeah, this app will come up with super cool quotes that you can schedule to be tweeted whenever. An example: "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business." - Henry Ford Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century...
  8. Delboy2424

    Twitter Tools - FECKED UP - Wont send "manual/scheduled posts" to twitter - Help Pls?

    Twitter tools - worked no issues until today.... I can tweet from my WP blog using TT and it hits my twitter account, but posts or scheduled posts are not hitting twitter. I read it was possibly a server issue in regards to time zones - both are set the same in WP and Twitter so now am stuck...
  9. D

    Mass Twitter Tool - Follow & Flush in Bulk

    I have been using this tool from a week and have setup couple accounts with each 1000-2000 followers. Tool Link - If you are already using this, then please refer to some other thread, though it would be very much beneficial to everyone who are new to twitter and are looking up to...
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