twitter smm

  1. S

    Some Twitter Magic Problems. Need Some Advice. Thanks

    Hi, people! Need some help, because i broke my head. Situation: There was a twitter account, 2-3 tweets a day. I abandoned it. I returned after a couple of months - tweets are gaining 30,000 - 40,000 views per day. Started tweeting again. The number of views dropped to 15,000, then to 10,000...
  2. Y

    SMM panel that actually works for twitter?

    Recently a lot many SMM panels have disabled/removed their twitter services. Maybe because of the recent raid inside a facility where they found a lot of smartphones botting and stuff. Im looking for a reliable SMM panel or an individual provider of twitter services that accepts CRYPTOCURRENCY...
  3. balenciataga

    Best SMM service for Twitter?

    Have a good day, folks. I have two questions for you. Which SMM service do you use for twitter? I've tried few of them, and all of them was slow. The followers I bought were deleted by twitter in 24 hours. Do you even recommend smm for twitter?