twitter script

  1. giraffewarrior

    Twitter removed the people I follow

    This happened once before when I was using an autofollow script to mass follow people.I had about 800 users I was following and a few minutes later I was locked out of my account. Upon reactivating, the number of users I was following was back down to about 300. The same thing happened again...
  2. Bulkfollows

    Looking for PHP Coder for Twitter Script

    I am looking for a PHP Coder.I need to create a Twitter script . Please send me your S k y p e ID or post on this thread,so we can talk about it more. Thanks
  3. B

    Twitter retweet php script

    Does anyone have a website that offers this? Whether it's paying or ... free? Basically, just a simple website you auth thru Twitter and press a "submit" button, that instantly sends you 100s of retweets. Please and thanks!
  4. D

    Looking for a Twitter Script that...

    when a person downloads something from my site, it tweets a msg on their twitter account with my link something like: "I just downloaded Xrummer from" anyone know of a script that does this in php or anything for that matter? can it be done?
  5. D

    I'm looking for a script....

    Hey everybody, If you go to the, and view the "top tweets" ... you will see exactly what I'm looking for. Once someone jumps on, they should be able to see all of the updates as they happen... without having to press the refresh button. Can anybody help? -Joe
  6. V

    Mass Delete Followers

    You can delete 100000 or 10. This is a weird script because most people want to ADD users. But, if you a find a reason to delete users and start over with 'targeted' ones, this script might come in handy: Just don't make enemies!
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