twitter method

  1. menacer

    [Method] Spoonfed Bot Twitter & Chaturbate

    Hi all, I've been here a while now and I wanted to share a method that still pays me money to this day. What you need... Proxies Chaturbate Account Twitter Accounts Social Media Bot Tumblr Image Scraper 1. Get the Twitter accounts loaded into your bot software, it doesn't matter what you...
  2. StormNSY

    shitty twitter method [$1-$5 a day]

    Hey BHW, I thought I should share with you this method because I don't do it anymore. Basically make a twitter account if you don't have one (if you have one make sure it has 100-150+ followers) Grow the twitter account you just made to around 100-150 followers Post something like this: "...
  3. honestIM

    [Method] Twitter marketing through usage of Twdominator 5.5

    Disclaimer: I have obtained a review copy of twdominator 5.5 (BST: However maximum effort has been placed to ensure that only a fair review of the software is given. I am not incentive to...
  4. B

    Twitter Method Journey [Newbie]

    So I have been lurking for about a week and a half maybe longer but today I decided I would make my first post. I have been using the twitter method $10-40 a day or whatever with decent success but no conversions. I created the account 2 days ago and I already have 150+ followers. Although I...
  5. F

    Twitter&Adult Website journey to atleast 5$ a day

    I will mainly monetize this with mobile redirects, but also if someone opens my site on PC, I will try to convert it to PPL offer. I will be monetizing it via: plug,juicy,CR and chatur I have MP with 6 month license, so I will give this a try for atleast 6 months. I have 20 Proxies From...
  6. Jiung

    [Method] Easy $100+/day with Twitter! (Twists+Newbie Friendly+No Investment)

    Hey guys! Again, I have gained so much from BHW lately that I wanted to create this guide so that I can give back to the forum without having to pay for Jr.VIP or donate. I hope that with this method, people can start earning more and more with Twitter so that they can have a bit more money for...
  7. S

    StateOfW's Twitter Journey

    This thread is going to be tracking my Twitter Journey, I just bought the Follow Liker Bot and 10 Private Proxies to make this journey easier and faster! I have about 1 year of experience on twitter, I have an adsense site and a following of 264,122 total followers which will help drive page...
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