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    Twitter mother/child growth service
  2. FreakOut50

    Twitter Bot Technique

    Hey guys, wanted to ask if anyone is using twitter for marketing (Crpyto, Adult,anything) and what are the best ways to promote something? Is it the mass dms? Or mentions? How can some people here grow their accounts by 300-500followers daily? Please would be grateful for any insider tips.
  3. chxnge

    Your marketing + My OnlyFans models

    Hello, We're looking to partner up with any and all marketers that are looking to work on a percent basis, which later can turn into a fixed monthly rate + commissions. Main platforms: TikTok marketing Instagram marketing Snapchat marketing Tinder marketing Bumble marketing Twitter marketing...
  4. chxnge

    OnlyFans marketing specialist needed

    Hello, I have been running an OnlyFans marketing agency for around 6 months. We've got currently two girls under our belt, and at our height we had 5. We're looking for an OnlyFans marketing specialist that knows his/her stuff and can provide proof of ROI and results. Our areas of focus are...
  5. S


    What do you usually do on Twitter? Are you still using Twitter? Hope to get your answers. Thanks kindly~
  6. F

    Twitter Botting and Proxys Help

    Newb here. Got twitterdub and can buy aged//fully verified twitter accs no problem. My question is i would like to have a seperate campaign for say to promote one niche of adult//onlyfans. I would like to start with idk 10 20 50 accounts and slowly start using each to like follow comment ect...
  7. NaiveKid

    How do mother-child experts create child profiles to compete with general bot accs who poisened NFT/Crypto community

    I decided to try the "mother child" method in the crypto niche, but I was shocked by the large number of bot profiles that spread spam and ordinary general outdated scams. This made the follow-back ratio terribly poor that it wasnt worth the financial costs to continue . It would be...
  8. W

    Twitter Marketing Experts

    Hi I need Twitter marketing experts who has vast experience and their own accounts. Please DM.
  9. annsalinas

    How to Use Twitter for Marketing Purposes?

    If you're looking to use Twitter for marketing purposes, you need to brand your profile, look for ways to engage and connect with your target audience, take advantage of trending conversations and hashtags, and tweet at least once a day with relevant, engaging, and informative content.
  10. annsalinas

    Focus on Growing Your Twitter Following

    The larger your Twitter following, the more people will see your content, right? Of course. So growing your Twitter following should be among the most important aspects of your Twitter digital marketing campaign. Thankfully, there are several relatively easy ways to make this happen. Making...
  11. BimTop

    ⚡BimTop⚡Exclusive Targeted MANUAL TWITTER COMMENTING, Promotion, and Marketing Services⭐NFT Marketing⭐

    One of the marketing strategies that is unknown to many and often underrated methods of marketing on Twitter is Targeted Commenting. The complex nature of Twitter promotion requires strategic marketing planning and we are here to help you achieve that. Often, the use of bots to perform several...
  12. E

    Hire someone to make Twitter Ads account -90 dollar for account

    Hello. I recently started to make ads on twitter and I had a supplier but he isn't delivering any more. I'm looking for someone who can make ready at least 20 accounts a day but need to be warmed up with one campaing.Payment for one account is around 70 to 90 dollars and depends on the...
  13. annaalford

    Can Twitter tools help you get followers

    Hello all BHW forum friends, Does anybody know any Twitter tools that can help you get followers?
  14. Scottisher

    Anyone tried CaptainTweet bot?

    Anyone using captaintweet? I’ve been using the free plan for a while, wondering how much impact (follows per day) I would get on the paid plan. Also, in general, how many follows/likes per day is even safe to go undetected by Twitter ?
  15. H

    Twitter Marketing Help

    Hlw Guys, First of all Thank You For Interest, I am very new in Twitter Marketing so i found a profile that create a affiliate link over the video top left corner, whenever someone hover the video this link comes on the left top side. plz see the image for clear the concept. also ignore the...
  16. H

    organic twitter growth?

    New to twitter marketing looking forward to growing accounts organically/any safe way possible as I see many people are getting their account banned. All information is valuable to me :)
  17. B

    How To Manage 20 Twitter Accounts?

    If I want to do twitter marketing like following, liking etc manually for my clients, how to manage 20 accounts or more? Will I need proxies? If I use proxies for all 20 accounts with one device will work? How many accounts per proxy? What to do If I want to manage 100+ accounts? Please advice...
  18. BamBam13

    Twitter Growth Tips Organic/Bot Driven (Community Driven)

    I think it's important for us to help each other out. I'm no expert by any stretch but when I first began marketing on twitter I spent countless hours on the web trying to learn as much as possible. I quickly learned that most resources on the web gave very vague advice, saying things like...
  19. info.seeker

    How hard it is to convert Twitter Traffic?

    Guys, no much experience about converting twitter traffic in to leads, please share your recent experience here, what are the Bots you are using? it'll help for all of us. Thanks
  20. new_don

    Need A Twitter Auto Direct Message Tool

    Hello, I am looking for a good auto direct message tool for twitter which automatically sends message to my new followers is there any free tool for this task. Kindly suggest.
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