twitter locked suspended

  1. B

    [Q]We've temporarily limited some of your account features?

    Hi Yesterday twitter have locked my account and Although it says I can continue if I pass a google captcha and give them my phone number. I dont want to give my phone number twitter.. please help any suggestion is appericiated. Why twitter need phone number, i dont feel safe giving my phone...
  2. Bookmaker

    Locked Twitter Account Need Help!

    Hello Guys, I have a Problem! My Twitter account is still locked. Maybe because I have followed too fast I don’t know. If I try to log in it says "Password Change required“ So I click on Start to continue and it says "Login issues" now, where I need to enter my twitter username. After that I...
  3. manoj.pitaliya

    Twitter account locked and attempt exceeded

    today my twitter account got locked . i tried to get it unlocked via phone SMS verification but my service provider or may be twitter sent me code too late , so the twitter kept giving me errors and finally now it tells me " you have exceeded the number of allowed attempts to verify your phone...