twitter advertising

  1. L

    Please help with VCC for twitter. Vcc for pinterest too?

    I'm looking for a VCC that will work with Twitter Ads. Can't seem to find much in the marketplace. Please help. Also i'm looking for solution that works for Pinterest too! Thanks!!
  2. bmbsa

    Tweet Engagement Stats

    Hi, I have a twitter web app where you will be able to check the user's tweet activity info after the app is authenticated/authorized by the user. This info includes: [Replies] [Retweets] [MediaEngagements] [Favorites] [Engagements] [UrlClicks] [DetailExpands] [Impressions]...
  3. E

    Any one know about twitter ads? Why my ads not running?

    Hi members, I place a tweet ad 3 days ago, and got no impression so far. (It shows "running" but it doesn't seems like actually running.) And i create website click ad with website card today, still no clicks no impressions. What's happening? Is it something like accs are under review? and how...
  4. R

    Mylikes alternative for Twitter

    Hi Friends, Can someone give me alternatives of Mylikes as you guys may have observed that Mylikes have cut down there ads price and also cutting down the clicks earning :frusty: so I am fed up working with Mylikes. So, please recommend me any option you have they all are welcome. Thanks &...