1. OttoVonGraff

    Adult Marketing? More rich media, less words.

    Have a nice Weekend everybody;) Hope you're doing fine and making $$$. I would like to share something and check if its everybody's case. Considering 80% out of my earnings come from adult tubes, OF, RED and 56/60% from Escort Ads, after a lot of ups and downs Im really making decent money. No...
  2. A

    Thubmnails for tube site

    I was just wondering how are tube sites getting thumbnails for their tubes, since they are embedding videos from pornh** or xham***** and others. I found few super easy kws and I would like to try my luck. My plan is to do it on wordpress. Any ideas?
  3. JohnArn

    Hello Everybody

    Been lurking here and using this forum for a couple years. Starting on my second set of tubesites and ready to get involved with the community. I've worked as a video editor for a few major adult film labels over the past two years as well as the creative marketing director for one of them...
  4. Danny Crypto

    [Porn Reupload] Anyone able to crack Xvideos Updates?

    Problems like : - > username and password Incorrect - but your profile is still present on xvideos. > account not able to survive online more than 24-48 hrs > anybody using xvideos red for tube traffic?
  5. Danny Crypto

    Which VPN is good for uploading videos on tubesites?

    Hey BHWers, I've been searching from last 24 hrs youtube and googling and even tried IPVanish as vpn. But it is a failure a big time failure because IPVanish sucks and I'm not able to find any other good vpn so if anyone is using vpn to upload vids on tubesites so please let me know which vpn...
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