1. B

    Is there a limit in the amount of youtube friends?

    Does it look suspicious for youtube to have x amount of friends up to the point of banning your account? or is there any recommended pace to add friends? I look forward to hearing your experience :)
  2. lattestone671

    TubeRobo or Tubeinator?

    which is better?
  3. lattestone671

    Youtube Friend Bomber or Tubeinator?

    hi i was trying out both of these programs and was wondering which of the 2 is better? thanks:)
  4. Santorini

    Tubeinator - Michelle Mcpherson Is a SCAMMER!!!

    Hey Guys, So after 4 months of trying to get my $500+ commissions from Tubeinator I am still unsuccessful! Don't Promote Tubeinator and I'm GLAD its CRACKED! Rippoff report "Tubeinator and Michelle Mcpherson if you've been SCAMMED or Screwed out of your commissions! Has anyone else...
  5. A

    Getting YouTube Hits Without Using Proxies

    Hey guys. Here's my challenge: getting as many authentic views as possible without using hit automaters or fake proxies. Tube Toolbox: Great tool but it doesn't deliver what it says it does. It will say it sent 2,000 messages but only deliver about 150. The creator himself explains this in...
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