tts voices

  1. MJ

    ✅⚡️GloVoice TTS⚡️- Text to Speech convertor for your online videos ⚡️ 200+ Voices ✅ Starts at $6.99 ❤️ FREE TRIALS FOR EVERYONE ❤️

  2. BlackMinded

    Free Text to Speech to 10 Members

    Offering Voice over to First 10 Members, Reply on this thread I will get back to you. Word Limit : 500 No Adult Content TAT : 1 Day
  3. maxdosh

    recommend a very good Text-to-speech software

    Can someone please recommend a very good Text-to-speech software that sounds as human as possible?
  4. starshomejobs

    Best TTS Software For Videos

    Hello Guys, Long time since I have opened a thread here but I have been doing great with youtube videos my only problem I am running into is with some videos I create I use text to speech software. It depends on the niche I am creating the videos for. Basically I have a lot of complaints...